Jun. 10, 2004

My apologies to those who have been following my opinion on the events of any real importance at this blog. You hopefully will understand when I tell you all that I was just married to my own Dixie-Chick, a fine looking specimen of womanhood who is embarrassed that Bush comes from Texas as well. But it gets weird at this point. I somehow found my way across the border and am now sitting in none other than Texas itself (May's old house. Sold it...moving north to B.C. with me :-))) . So here I am, sitting, drinking a bottle of California Merlot, using an old glass urine specimen bottle as a goblet and smoking cigs that set me back $1.50 a pack. Now, y'all have to understand here. The butts alone would have cost me 6 -7 bucks back in BC! Not only that, they have "imported" from Canada, 40 oz. bottles of 8 % beer (they call it "Malt Liquor" here) at another $1.69 per tolerable hang-over. So! This means (and I'll do the figuring here for those of you who are already under the influence) that I can get a beer buzz and a pack of butts for less than I can buy either one back in B.C.!!! This particular confluence of circumstances has of course affected me in the most profound way, more so than any other set of circumstances possibly could. This is beyond coincidence, beyond mere "good luck". God-damn it if I don't feel an urge to....well....God Bless America.... There! I said it. But you can be damned sure that it's the last time you hear it from this Canucks lips. Certainly until and at least that SOB Bush, his family, his advisors, the whole Rumsfeld/Cheney Pentagon/Big Business/Media collaborators are identified and charged as the internal enemy of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights that they are. And I suppose while I'm at it, a couple of months is long enough to pay any respect that Reagan had coming, respect being something that he never felt he need afford the living.....or at least those whose station in life or whose opinion of their fellow man concluded that a bank-balance alone doesn't constitute wisdom, intellect or righteousness; those qualities that any thinking person must conclude are at the core of what should define access to political office. Reagan after all, was the man who made it respectful to be greedy ("Greed is Good"), a man whose thoughts on less government only went as far as less regulation by government of big business. This of course gave us the S&L crisis and the most obscene national debt since....well...let's see where his idio-logical soulmate, Bush Jr. takes the country. Speaking of, the mans death has certainly given the Four Horseman time to clean up the trails of evidence of gross mis-management and the outright treasonous actions of Bush, his Agnew-oid VP and the circle of little-Hitler's that Rumsfeld and Rice have opened wide the Whitehouse doors to. May & Mycos