Jan. 28, 2009

Richard Cohen Reveals Himself

Comments on: Richard Cohen fulfills the role of the American journalist
 Richard Cohen fulfills the role of the American journalist

As The Media Watches The World, We Watch The Media



by: Mycos
January 28, 2009 6:48 PM

"And I thought, No, I'm not going to sit here passively and wait for it to happen. I wanted to go to "them," whoever "they" were, grab them by the neck, and get them before they could get us."

Work done by DHS scientists looking into the mindset that gives rise to terrorism have focused nearly all their attention on one specific group. This group is notable by always behaving the same way others do only when  mortality salience is high. They behave as though they are being rushed to make a decision thereby taking shortcuts or following leads that may actually do more harm than good. This group is in a state of chronic anxiety - much like you'd expect from people who must fight off steady, albeit low-level, "fight or flight" responses.

So which group am I talking about? Right-wing conservatives. Or more specifically, right wing authoritarians and the 'social dominance-oriented' who follow them. (or the infamous "RWA-SDO embrace" as it's known in sociological circles)

Now it appears we have a journo who openly admits to his decisions being influenced by fear and anger, plus an editor and public who all seem clueless about how damaging these (reactionary) emotions are to ones ability to think clearly and rationally.  GWB's presidency acted out nearly every single aspect of this debilitating disorder. Electing such people as our leaders is the primary cause of the mess we are all in today.  The big question then is... why would anyone find this trait admirable much less enough they'd openly admit to it in their column?