Jan. 9, 2007


Defend Freedom said... "What saddens me is liberal blogs like this one that would rather support the terrorists when they should be supporting our troops. Do I need to remind you we're at war? Well Mr. Freedom Defender, you might remember how Kent State became an example to all of what happens when folks with little education use flags and crosses to replace the missing knowledge; wisdom from which come empathy and reason as factors for basing their decisions about the lives of people who happened to be born in a different country/culture than you. Somewhere among your new enemies is a guy who behaves in a manner so like you that should you meet under different terms, the sister would squeal in shocked delight at the similarity! Just as you regard your leader, so does he wave his flag, proud of country....opinion made of the enemy as described by your respective leaders...a match on everything, right down to penis size !(small obviously). To actually think that fighting a countries wars is your "duty", yet whose piece of the economic pie even smaller than your dick. Yet just because you were raised to think that because some rich-kid-turned-politician had the money and connections to get people like you to start calling him "president", you'll really should chase down and kill total strangers. Dogs on a fox-hunt might do that for their Lord and Master. Yet so would you without first checking anything out for yourself before making such a monstrous decision; to kill that twin of yours from Syria. Just whistle and your good to go kill on command.... without ever using your own mind to make your own decision about who is right or wrong in fact, not "patriotic duty" taught by rulers to there serfs for millennia, precisely for this very occasion only. It's an abrogation of your humanity when you act on orders like a bug acts on instinct. We have the unique ability to think for ourselves; to behave outside the drive or instinct behind such 'pack' behaviors. As such, I find it hard to feel pity for your fate in war when you enter it as a pack-mule rather than a man of wisdom exercising self-awareness. So think again Cracker. This war exists only because the lies PNAC told were believed by you and your ilk. But for your children's sake at least you should distance yourself from having said such things. The embarrassment it'll cause in the future to those who backed the war-criminals and PNAC chicken-hawks who lied for profits and glory, or some like Cheney solely to avoid losing his 'interests' to a peace dividend, one that a nation with a balanced economy and no real threat could surely afford finally. The hundreds of thousands of megatons of nuclear missiles (real WMD's...not 'maybe have/might get one[1]) were gone with the threat of extinction and the Doomsday Clock... now mere planes as 'firebombs' have somehow been stretched out of 9/11 into a delusion of impending death at the hands of religious kooks. How?

Jan. 8, 2007

Letter to Gingrich and Lott on Iraq

Letter to Gingrich and Lott on Iraq: "o President Clinton expressing our concern that the U.S. policy of 'containment' of Saddam Hussein was failing"