Dec. 10, 2005

House of Death

December 9, 2005 Please Distribute Widely Dear Colleague, Bill Conroy’s tireless following of the ”House of Death” case — in which the Justice and Homeland Security departments are implicated in covering up mass murder committed with their knowledge in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico — continues. Today in the Narcosphere he posts the first part of a comprehensive timeline of the events and players of the case, condensing the many confusing elements of this story into a single narrative. “For those of you who have been following this story on Narco News over the past year and a half,” writes Conroy, “this narrative line is nothing new. Still, despite all the information now out there, the bloodbath in the House of Death remains in the shadows of a cover-up. And based on public documents, as many of you now know, that cover-up reaches all the way to the top of the Department of Justice. “But what has not been laid out to this point is the sequence of events, and the description of some of the key players, who acted out this tragic drug-war farce. Over the past several months, with the help of multiple sources and by piecing together information from a variety of documents, Narco News has created a diary, of sorts, that traces the events and background of the House of Death mass-murder case.” Read part one here: Also, Conroy’s posting “Unraveling the pretense of the Guatemalan ‘Narco-State’” continues to generate comments and updates in its comments thread. Read the latest on that story, from background on the genocidal crimes of the drug-trafficking Guatemalan military to a developing narco-corruption scandal that has stolen the spotlight and placed on the police, here:

Qaeda-Iraq Link U.S. Cited Is Tied to Coercion Claim - New York Times

And this is probably why Cheney is so adamant about wanting to be able to use torture. He knows the war is based on falsehoods, with many of them extracted under torture. Now that it's falling apart, the only way he can obtain more "confessions" ,get more diabolical plans that will (hopefully) make him look like he was right to go to war, is by torturing more of these "plots" out of more people. I'm reminded of how the Church tortured confessions out of people often "particular people who held property that a local Duke or cleric wanted. They would torture until they got the right confession neccessary to expropriate the property they needed but couldn't get through any other legal means. And now it's the same old story of rulers exercising power to get what they want. And it most certainly is not the reasons that the America and it's military have sworn to fight for. Indeed it is the complete opposite. To join this army....under this to betray America. And any military man who knows this --- who knows Bush lied and yet still signs up for this war, well.....they have no respect, and they should not be accorded any whatsoever. None. Qaeda-Iraq Link U.S. Cited Is Tied to Coercion Claim - New York Times By DOUGLAS JEHL Published: December 9, 2005 WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 - The Bush administration based a crucial prewar assertion about ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda on detailed statements made by a prisoner while in Egyptian custody who later said he had fabricated them to escape harsh treatment, according to current and former government officials"

Dec. 4, 2005

Wrongful Imprisonment: Anatomy of a CIA Mistake

Wrongful Imprisonment: Anatomy of a CIA Mistake: "One official said about three dozen names fall in that category; others believe it is fewer. The list includes several people whose identities were offered by al Qaeda figures during CIA interrogations, officials said. One turned out to be an innocent college professor who had given the al Qaeda member a bad grade, one official said."