Oct. 11, 2007

My Response to More BS From Horowitz and his Hounds

As is so typical of the right wing, their fears over-ride their intellect, a situation that compels them to write articles like the following. In particular I am referring to the idea that "atonement" for the Naqba means that Israel must be dissolved. That is a false statement....a "straw-man" argument that is meant to appeal to the right's overstimulated amygdala, a region of the brain that appears to control responses such as fear and paranoia. Their constant warnings of creeping threats coming from the commies, homosexuals, the blacks, the Muslims, the Satanists, and yes, even the Jews. CNN's Lou Dobbs has Mexican immigrants as a group highly infectious and spreading leprosy. That he even keeps his job is evidence that a very large group within the population is out of touch with reality itself. So..... the BS
In answer....No. The majority of the Palestinians simply want to live as human beings should all be allowed to live.....a life without fear of IDF snipers, or of the results of their constant dehumanization at the hands of far-right Jews who will not admit to Jewish crimes back at Israel's inception. They will go on at length however about all the ( vastly exaggerated ) crimes perpetrated by Arabs who were about to lose the land they had farmed for centuries. An "Anti-Semite!" accusation hurled wildly and without cause is capable of destroying careers, silencing critics..... even hiding a crime. Although greatly overshadowed by the horror we know as the Holocaust, the Naqba still ranks as one of the 20th centuries greatest crimes.
David Limbaugh
"It's simply not true that opposition to abortion, the elevation of "sexual preference" to the status of race under our civil-rights laws, the societal sanctioning of homosexual marriage, or allowing homosexuals to serve as Boy Scout troop leaders constitutes bedroom policing." What can a person possibly say to a mind like that?

Oct. 9, 2007

Malanie Morgan issues veiled murder targetting on anti-war vet.

Morgan called Soltz a "hypocritical cockroach", stating that "[h]e needs to be stomped on and "neutralized" before he and his ilk can silence military support for the mission in Iraq. http://mediamatters.org/rd?http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=57200

Unwritten Social Cohesion Pact?

The protocol and the tighter targets for developed countries being considered for the post 2012 period are rapidly losing favor as those few covered countries face the real costs - in terms of jobs and competitiveness - of meeting their 5 % (on average) reduction off 1990 levels of greenhouse gas emissions. That commitment typically equals a double digit reduction in energy use emissions in real 2005 terms. For example, the main organization representing European employers in Brussels, UNICE, recently released a report calling for a new approach: reducing emission intensity gradually rather than the targets and timetable approach long favored by the Greens and EU environmental regulators. (EU business has long been loathed to speak up on climate change policy for fear of being thought “against the environment” and not part of the unwritten social cohesion pact between government and industry.).