Oct. 22, 2005


La Barge also said current sentencing guidelines "do little to dissuade murderers, marijuana grow operators, ecstasy manufacturers, car-jackers, child molesters and home invaders from committing their horrific crimes." If you would like to let him know what you think of his comparison... Armand Labarge: 334@police.york.on.ca Also phone anyone you might think is in a position to fire someone this ignorant. These people should be held at the point of a gun, not given a gun. They are dangerous to us all. With their laws, they create the black-market that kills our kids.

Maureen Dowd on Judy Miller ("Woman of Mass Destruction")

"What a catfight. Here's the whole sublime thing. (Nothing gets me more PO'd than the Times' medieval new - oxymoron, I know - policy of making their juiciest content unlinkable.) October 22, 2005 Op-Ed Columnist Woman of Mass Destruction By MAUREEN DOWD I've always liked Judy Miller. I have often wondered what Waugh or Thackeray would have made of the Fourth Estate's Becky Sharp." cont.....

Oct. 20, 2005

Rove Told Jury Libby May Have Been His Source In Leak Case

It's looking more and more like Cheney and Libby both are going to be taking a hike down the hill come next week. Sounds too good to be true, but most tips I'm hearing say precisely that. Mycos~ Rove Told Jury Libby May Have Been His Source In Leak Case Top Aides Talked Before Plame's Name Was Public By Jim VandeHei and Carol D. Leonnig Washington Post Staff Writers Thursday, October 20, 2005; Page A01 White House adviser Karl Rove told the grand jury in the CIA leak case that I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, may have told him that CIA operative Valerie Plame worked for the intelligence agency before her identity was revealed, a source familiar with Rove's account said yesterday."

Free Press : Don't FOX with local news

Sign The Petition....PLease!!! Can you imagination an America that's been "dumbed-down" even more than it already is? Free Press : Don't FOX with local news

SPJ Undercuts First Amendment With Miller Award

SPJ Undercuts First Amendment With Miller Award 10/19/05 The Society of Professional Journalists’ decision to give its prestigious "First Amendment Award" to embattled New York Times reporter Judith Miller is a blow to freedom of expression. By rewarding a reporter who was apparently collaborating with and protecting a powerful official in an effort to punish the free speech of a government critic, the SPJ is undermining, not advancing, the principles of the First Amendment. The award, coming two days after details of Miller’s involvement in the CIA leak story and her grand jury testimony were revealed by the New York Times (10/16/05), was defended by SPJ board member Mac McKerral, who told Editor & Publisher (10/17/05), “It’s not a lifetime achievement award.... I could understand people being upset if we were recognizing her work over a period of time, but this is an award for being willing to not reveal a source, willing to spend so many days in jail, and that is how we distinguish it…. Issues raised in the past couple of days really had no bearing on the award." But why wouldn't new information about the case be relevant to a journalism group? For months, Miller claimed a journalistic privilege to protect Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, Lewis Libby. Miller would eventually tell the grand jury that Libby had identified Valerie Plame Wilson--the wife of White House critic and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson--as a CIA employee (New York Times, 10/16/05). Miller seemed to have little doubt about what motivated this disclosure: Asked why she agreed to Libby's request to identify him only as a “former Hill staffer,” Miller told the grand jury, “I assumed Mr. Libby did not want the White House to be seen as attacking Mr. Wilson.” http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=2701

Cheney cabal hijacked US foreign policy’

And here's an item that supports my contention that most everything Americans think they have been fighting for has, all this time, been an illusion. In fact, all they've been dying for is to promote the business interests of Cheney Co.. Specifically where these business opportunities coincide with the PNAC plans of the Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld bunch. Cheney is a war-priofiteer and promoter while Rummy and his bunch seek to dominate 'at least' the Middle East militarily, and hopefully through the seizure of oil assets, to dominate the rest of the world economically. If there was only some way of sitting people down and showing them the facts. Surely they'd have to open their eyes to the reality of how used they all have been. Mycos~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Cheney cabal hijacked US foreign policy’ By Edward Alden in Washington Published: October 20 2005 00:00 Vice-President Dick Cheney and a handful of others had hijacked the government's foreign policy apparatus, deciding in secret to carry out policies that had left the US weaker and more isolated in the world, the top aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell claimed on Wednesday."

Oct. 19, 2005

British Chief Police Investigator in Basra dies under mysterious circumstances

British Chief Police Investigator in Basra dies under mysterious circumstances He was responsible for the investigation into the two Elite SAS men disguised as Arab 'terrorists' by Michel Chossudovsky October 17, 2005 GlobalResearch.ca Captain Ken Masters, British chief police investigator in Basra died under mysterious circumstances. The cause of death was not mentioned. According to a Ministry of Defense spokesman, his death was 'not due to hostile action' nor to natural causes. Ken Masters was Commanding Officer of the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police. He was 'responsible for the investigation of all in-theatre serious incidents, plus investigations conducted by the General Police Duties element of the Theatre Investigation Group.' (Statement of Britain's Ministry of Defense, 16 Oct 2005). In this capacity, Captain Masters was responsible for investigating the circumstances of the arrest of two undercover elite SAS men, wearing Arab clothing, by Iraqi police in Basra. on September 19 (London Times (17 Oct 2005).. 'The Ministry of Defence refused to reveal details about his [Masters] work but it is believed he was involved in the inquiry into the dramatic rescue of two SAS soldiers held in a prison in Basra.' (Daily Mail, 16 Oct 2005) The two British undercover 'soldiers', who were driving a car loaded with weapons and ammunition, were subsequently 'rescued' by British forces, in a major military assault on the building where they were being detained: 'British forces used up to 10 tanks ' supported by helicopters ' to smash through the walls of the jail and free the two British servicemen.' The incident, which resulted in numerous civilian and police casualties has caused political embarrassment. Several media reports and eyewitness " Cont......

Oct. 18, 2005

Religion and Violence

Religion and Violence: "A recent report by the Defence Science Board of the Pentagon revealed that; “Muslims do not 'hate our freedom,' but rather, they hate our policies. The overwhelming majority voice their objections to what they see as one-sided support in favour of Israel against Palestinian rights, and the long-standing even increasing support for what Muslims collectively sees as tyrannies, most notably Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, and the Gulf states”. It is these U.S.-sponsored tyrannies and the unfair exploitation of the region’s oil resources – by Western corporations – that contributed to the emergence of political resistance movements against Western domination and imperialism."

Oct. 17, 2005

Miller's Lawyer Says Aide May Face 'Problem' in Probe

Miller's Lawyer Says Aide May Face 'Problem' in Probe Indeed! Libby is going down and he knows it. In fact, I'll bet that within a week, Libby is gone from the White House. Bush is only holding on to him at this point because to release him now would be as much as fingering him as the guilty party....something he may do in order to shift the blame off of his ol' pal and confidante, Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove (he only gives pet names to his friends. Right Brownie?). This brings up what must be a terrible dillemma for the power players in the WH. Cheney of course, is no lightweight. I'll wager he is weilding as much actual power as Bush. Bush may have the power of his office at the moment, but Cheney weilds far more personal power. When Georgy is gone from office, you can bet that even Bushes own parents respect Cheney's will more than theior kid. Well, now that I think about it, that's probably a bad example. GHWB and Babs almost certainly respect Cheney more than they do Dubya. I mean, they know the guy! What more is there to say? Anyhow, back to the WH, this puts Dubya in the middle of maintaining his loyalty to Rove, or putting Libby, and thereby Cheney's office, on the chopping block to deflect from Rove. Cheney, as far as I know anyhow, owes Rove nothing--- nor vice versa. So what's a Dubya to do what with Cheney breathing down his back, trying to get him to dump Rove. Yup. Things must be awfully tense around there this upcoming Halloween. I wonder what kind of tricks and treats Mr. Fitzgerald will have for us all due the coming festivities.

Officials unaware of reporter's special status

Watch this angle. I'll wager a good penny that this is going to be presented as her own "boasting" among the troops or using this angle to try to get information that she normally wouldn't have been allowed access to, but that she only did and said it on her own, and that she really didn't have any special clearance. But I believe it wqill turn out that she did indeed. That Miller is a government operative who has infiltrated the press with the intent to mislead the public. This is a very serious crime, and the government officials who concieved and ordered it are quite possibly guilty of high treason. Mycos~ Officials unaware of reporter's special status - Politics - MSNBC.com: "Officials unaware of reporter's special status NY Times' Miller wrote she had 'security clearance' for Iraq WMD reporting"