Jun. 25, 2005

Chinese Oil Giant in Takeover Bid for U.S. Corporation

Now her's something you can be sure has the neocons full attention. Many feel that a great deal of US behaviour in Afghanistan and Iraq can be traced back to the proposed Unocal pipeline that is being projected to run through those very areas.

"Chinese Oil Giant in Takeover Bid for U.S. Corporation By DAVID BARBOZA and ANDREW ROSS SORKIN Published: June 23, 2005 SHANGHAI, Thursday, June 23 - One of China's largest state-controlled oil companies made a $18.5 billion unsolicited bid Thursday for Unocal, signaling the first big takeover battle by a Chinese company for an American corporation. The bold bid, by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation ( CNOOC), may be a watershed in Chinese corporate behavior, and it demonstrates the increasing influence on Asia of Wall Street's bare-knuckled takeover tactics. Seventy-three percent of Unocal's natural gas reserves are in Asia; this platform is in the Gulf of Thailand. The offer is also the latest symbol of China's growing economic power and of the soaring ambitions of its corporate giants, particularly when it comes to the energy resources it needs desperately to continue feeding its rapid growth."

"Spirit Of Justice" Returns From Banishment Under Ashcroft Tyranny

What I want to know is how...HOW ON GODS GREEN EARTH ....did that asshole ever find his way into the White House in the first place? The man is clearly an eccentric, if not outright insane, no?

Ashcroft Gone, Justice Statues Disrobe

Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) -- With barely a word about it, workers at the Justice Department Friday removed the blue drapes that have famously covered two scantily clad statues for the past 3 1/2 years.

Spirit of Justice, with her one breast exposed and her arms raised, and the bare-chested male Majesty of Law basked in the late afternoon light of Justice's ceremonial Great Hall."

Jun. 24, 2005

Hypocrisy is the least of their crimes

People's Weekly World Newspaper,
06/23/05 13:04
Author: W. T. Whitney Jr.

George Bush gets a bum rap. If you match words and deeds, his hypocrisy is undeniable. But judged on actions alone, he and his crew are models of consistency.

Their words on fighting terrorism are familiar, but what counts are civilian deaths in Iraq, the leveling of cities, and thousands jailed, humiliated, tortured and killed. What counts too is the sanctuary they provide for archterrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

U.S. authorities were silent for two months about his well-advertised arrival in Miami, and then, having detained him on May 17, they politely charged him with a minor immigration offense. He is, of course, both an assassin and a servant of the U.S. government.

His misdeeds are well known. He worked for the CIA for three decades. He killed and tortured for Venezuelan state security services, bombed a Cuban airliner — killing all 73 persons aboard, helped out with the murder of a Chilean ex-diplomat in Washington, organized supply operations for Nicaraguan Contra rebels, bombed hotels in Havana — killing an Italian tourist, and plotted to kill Fidel Castro in Panama. For the Cubans, he is the “Osama Bin Laden of Latin America.” "

Who's Right (Wing) ?

It's looking more and more likely that the next great social revolution is going to have to be one in which the value of the separation of corporations and government is enshrined in the (another) Constitution in much the same manner as the Church and State is today. As it stands now, the law holds that a corporation is a private citizen, having all the rights thereof. In the real world this obviously plays out as "All people are created equal, although some are more equal than others".

Note the phrase "...citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process, including large corporations". "Large corporations" is rolled into the same sentence as "citizens" because that is precisely how they are seen under law......as citizens.


High Court rebuffs homeowners
By Jake Wagman
Of the Post-Dispatch

"The dissenters argued that if the government can take a home or business for private gain, then nobody's property is safe.

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote in the dissent that those most likely to benefit from increased eminent domain are 'citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process, including large corporations and development firms.' "

Jun. 23, 2005

A "Good thing:" For a Change :-)

Bill C-48 passed in late night sitting
Last Updated Thu, 23 Jun 2005 23:53:19 EDT
CBC News

The Liberals scored a quick and decisive victory on Thursday night, catching the Conservatives off guard and passing their controversial Bill C-48.

The bill passed third reading by a vote of 152 to 147. Losing the vote would have automatically triggered a federal election.

With a number of Conservative members missing, the Liberals moved a motion to cut off debate and bring the bill to a vote. C-48 is the NDP amendment to the budget that adds a further $4.6 billion in social spending and the Conservatives were dead set against it.

But the Liberal tactic worked and the Conservatives were outflanked and defeated."


Move America Forward

Everybody who reads this, please send a mesage to Move America Forward that you intend to push for the arrest and trial of this group, along with Rightmarch, in particular as being complicit in the war crimes of George W. Bush.


E-Mail From Guantanamo Bay

Good news a well-kept secret
By Dom Giordano

When you hear the words Guantanamo Bay, the words Abu Ghraib seem to echo back.

But I was in Guantanamo for three days last week, and I saw something very different. I concluded that, at Gitmo, we extract information from prisoners not by torture but by developing rapport with them. It involves amenities. Full rolls of toilet paper. Fruit baskets. A field trip barbecue. I talked to prisoners, visited cell blocks, surveyed their medical care, interviewed the base commander and chief interrogator on my show, and allowed callers to probe them with questions. My research extended to the officers who escorted me to breakfast and lunch - even to times when all parties were well lubricated at the Tiki Bar. "

Bush "slipping tongue" to the people

"Ed Klein’s new book uses a photograph of a Bill Clinton at a Kerry campaign getting kissed on the cheek by a supporter with the following caption “Bill mouth-kissing a supporter. Hillary’s aides noticed that Bill seemed to grow even more reckless after his memoir, My Life, became a big bestseller. He was rolling in money—and hubris. Throwing caution to the wind, he started a torrid affair with a stunning divorcĂ©e in her early forties.” In the interest of bipartisanship here’s some pics of W. “mouth-kissing” with a nod to Matt Drudge who first gave the photo it’s publicity."

More Fear-Mongering by Corporate Media

Here's an interesting little piece of non-news. I note the timing of such a piece dovetails quite nicely with the initiation of impeachment hearings of George W. Bush. Fear of another attack is what the neocons have been leading Americans around by the nose with for the entire Bush presidency, and now that his numbers are way down because many Americans are finally catching on to their tricks, we gwt CNN pushing more of this sensationalist garbage; garbage which the White House has no doubt whatsover had a hand in suggesting" at this time.

I think it's about time that Americans started to write to CNN, FOX, the Sinclair Group, etc., and tell them that they are going to hold these media organizations responsible for the misinformation that they have foisted on the populace. For it's only through the aquiescence and forknowledge of the corporate media that the war machine has been able to do what they have done. It would also be nice to see a list of the email addy's of the wives and daughters of the major stockholders and board members of these orgs. and send them a each drafts of letters that state that when the crimes of George W. Bush are brought into the light, that the complicency of these very people will be exposed.

Anyhow, take a look at this trash. They want you to be scared of an attack because a bunch of people think that it's possible that somewhere, somebody might be attacked by somebody, some time in the next ten years!!. Duh!!!!?? Tell us something new (as in news?) for chrissakes! And Los Angeles might have an earthquake some time in the next ten years as well. Hey! Boise, Idaho is going to have a Goddamn earthquake sometime in the next ten-thousand years as well! That's news. At least I was definite about it!

Ahh geez....Why do I try? Anyow here's the link. Note the picture they use. This tells you everything you need to know about the relationship between the Bush administration and the corporate media.

High risk' of WMD attack in decade
U.S. survey finds more nations will acquire nuclear weapons

Wednesday, June 22, 2005; Posted: 4:50 a.m. EDT (08:50 GMT)

story.iraq.wmdsearch.afp.jpg U.S. troops in full chemical suits check what they thought might have been a WMD site in Baquba, 2003. WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The chance of an attack with a weapon of mass destruction somewhere in the world in the next 10 years runs as high as 70 percent, arms experts have predicted in a U.S. survey."

Jun. 21, 2005

Bush Is Going Insane.... A Prediction

You heard it...I'm making a prediction here and now, based on the behaviour of Bush today. He is going quite mad. I watched in stunned silence as he called the President of Luxembourg "A piece of work" while the man was there standing right beside him on the stage! This was a meeting of world leaders.... at a press conference with Presidential Seals on podium. He even asked him first if he could call him that!? Totally fucking astounding! Then he starts laughing when a reporter asked him about the casualties in Iraq!!!! Now, no matter how cold a SOB someone can be, and we know he's as cold as the psychopath that I've been sure he has always been , he's still a politician and politicians don't laugh at the mere mention of soldiers dieing....soldiers he sent to their deaths with lies, btw. Yes. I think he is finally coming to grips with the reality of the situation. Cheney has led him around by the nose for the profits (a war crime), the neocons have led him around for their PNAC plan for world domination (a war crime), and the religious right have led im around, hoping to bring about Armageddon ( a war crime) and their ascension to heaven. All three groups have convinced him to commit these crimes, patting him on the back and telling him he's "the man". He now realizes that he not in control of his destiny anymore and he's at a total loss as what to do. It's got himn totally rattled. He looks it. He's going to do something drastic. Gary Williams June 21, 2005

Ramsey Clark For President

Ramsey Clark Interview
an interview by DERRICK JENSEN

When I picture a high-ranking government official, I think of someone who is corrupt. I think of a corporate shill. I think of someone who is not a friend to the people of this country. I think of Lord Acton's famous line about power corrupting, and absolute power corrupting absolutely. I think of the disdain with which so many Americans have viewed so many of their leaders for so many years.

Former attorney general Ramsey Clark is different. Despite having once been the chief law-enforcement officer of this country, he consistently takes the side of the oppressed.

Born to power - Clark's father was attorney general in the 1940s and later a Supreme Court justice - the University of Chicago Law School graduate was appointed assistant attorney general by John F. Kennedy in 1961 and went on to head that department as attorney general under Lyndon Johnson from 1967 to 1969. During his years in the Justice Department, Clark was a staunch supporter of the civil-rights movement. While in charge of government efforts to protect the protesters in Alabama, he witnessed firsthand 'the enormous violence that was latent in our society toward unpopular people.' He had a similar experience when he was sent to Los Angeles after the rioting in Watts and discovered abuses by the police and the National Guard."

Dust off the Nuremberg Files

"Dust off the Nuremberg Files

By Anwaar Hussain

06/20/05 - - At Nuremberg, in early October 1945, the four prosecuting nations -- the United States, Great Britain, France and Russia -- issued an indictment against 24 men and six organizations of the Nazi Germany. Of that 24 only 21 eventually sat down in the trial. The individual defendants were charged not only with the systematic murder of millions of people, but also with planning and carrying out the war in Europe. Twelve Nazi officials were sentenced to be hanged, three sentenced to life in prison, four were given prison sentences of 10-20 years, and the rest were acquitted.

Presently, the ongoing American and British slaughter of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians constitutes a blatant war crime. Average legal skills should be able to prove that a similar case for the prosecution against the current coalition leaders can easily be constructed on comparable lines."

EPA Or Dr. Mengele? Environmental Protection Under Bush

anyone need more proof of Bush's psychopathic nature; more proof that the corporate agenda is now the soul of America ? EPA Reviewing 24 Tests of Human Pesticide

The Associated Press
Thursday, June 16, 2005; 1:55 AM

WASHINGTON -- Data from two dozen industry tests that intentionally exposed people to poisons, including one involving a World War I-era chemical warfare agent, are being used by the Environmental Protection Agency in approving and denying specific pesticides.

The controversial data come from 24 human pesticide experiments submitted to the EPA by companies seeking pesticide permits. The data, provided by the EPA to congressional officials, is being studied under a policy the Bush administration adopted last November to have political appointees referee on a case-by-case basis any ethical disputes over human testing."

A War Waged by Liars and Morons

A War Waged by Liars and Morons What is Bush's Agenda in Iraq? By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS For what purpose has President Bush sent 1,741 US soldiers to be killed in action in Iraq (as of June 19, 2005)? For what purpose have 15,000 - 38,000 US troops been wounded, many so seriously that they are maimed for life? Why has the US government thrown away $300 billion in an illegal and pointless war that cannot be won? These questions are beginning to penetrate the consciousness of Americans, a majority of whom no longer support Bush's war."

Jun. 20, 2005

Bolton Go Bye-Bye?

"Policy Shifts Felt After Bolton's Departure From State Dept.

By Peter Baker and Dafna Linzer
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, June 20, 2005; Page A02

For years, a key U.S. program intended to keep Russian nuclear fuel out of terrorist hands has been frozen by an arcane legal dispute. As undersecretary of state, John R. Bolton was charged with fixing the problem, but critics complained he was the roadblock."
cont...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, finally! An article that stands up and tells it like it is, instead of the chickenshit neocon bag-licking that we have seen out of the Post (and CIA asset Bob Woodward) and most every other mainstream news-agency. When the government (or at least the intelligence services) decides to tell Americans that Bolton is indeed the wingnut that he obviously has been, then you got to know that Boltons days are numbered. However, I'm a little concerned that some of the people voting on his UN nomination may feel that , although he's now on the official list of has-beens, that he's owed something more than the ignominious end he justifiably has coming to him. Some of them may feel that he "deserves" to walk away with a little respect and vote him into the UN as a kind of "Golden Handshake". Gary Williams

Jun. 19, 2005

Vote To Impeach Bush

Cast Your Vote Here This grassroots impeachment effort has launched a massive public education campaign through placement of the people's call to impeach in major media outlets around the country. This is a grassroots campaign, and we need your financial help. The VoteToImpeach ad has appeared in full page ads in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, the Boston Globe, as well as in other U.S. newspapers, with the help of people all around the country. Please help support the impeachment campaign's work and help place the new Impeach Bush ad in additional major newspapers and other mass media."