Aug. 27, 2006

Conspiracy theories. EXTRA!! EXTRA! Or Facts?

Nixon and Watergate, only a few people involved, couldn't keep it quiet. Duke Cunninhgham, nope. Tom Delay..nope. Enron...nope. The Iraq war and the revelation of the Downing Street memoes are something that men of power must always keep in mind as a possibilitry. For Bush to have coordinated the entire conspiracy would be to put his life in front of a firing squad if found out. For that reason alone, I find it highly unlikely that; 1. He had the balls to do it 2. Had he done it, that he would not have seized absolute control by now. Admittedly that appears to be his game, but that only proves PNAC, not the rest of it. Now tell me something that proves more than the PNAC/ Al Queda plot I believe.