Nov. 5, 2005

Palestinians hit by sonic boom air raids

Palestinians hit by sonic boom air raids · UN condemns night noise attacks as indiscriminate · Agencies say they cause trauma and miscarriages

Nov. 3, 2005

Mtalian Lawmaker Italian Lawmaker Says Country's Secret Service Warned U.S. That Iraq Uranium Documents Were Fake

By ARIEL DAVID, Associated Press Writer ROME -- Italian secret services warned the United States months before it invaded Iraq that a dossier about a purported Saddam Hussein effort to buy uranium in Africa was fake, a lawmaker said Thursday after a briefing by the nation's intelligence chief."

Nov. 2, 2005

Confessions of a Marine

Confessions of a Marine By Jean-Paul Mari Le Nouvel Observateur Thursday 27 October 2005 edition Iraq: The story no American publisher wanted. In a just-published book, Master-Sergeant Jimmy Massey tells about his mission to recruit for, then fight in, the war in Iraq. He tells why he killed. And cracked. Jimmy Massey is 34 years old. He's originally a Texas boy, raised as a good Southern Baptist who loves squirrel hunting with his air rifle. After 12 years in the Marines, Jim is a broken man, a veteran afflicted with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, a depressive hooked on his medications, haunted by the nightmare images in which he massacres innocent civilians, scenes experienced in Iraq when he was nothing but a killing machine. Jim has cracked, has withdrawn from the service for medical reasons, and has written a raw and brutal book. Telling the life of a Marine of today, revealing "how he talks, how he thinks, how he fucks, and how he kills." The army denies the facts and his former comrades have insulted, rejected, and threatened him. His testimony ulcerates Neo-Conservative America and shocks the politically correct. In the United States, no publishing house has dared to publish his manuscript. Extracts follow. The Recruiter When you're a recruiter, you have to learn fast. And I rapidly learned that if I wanted to keep my job, I couldn't allow myself to have any scruples. I went to public schools every day where I was able to contact young people easily." cont.........

Oct. 30, 2005

AOL link to Wolfowitz "Cabal"

Here's another article that fits perfectly with the mounting evidence showing that the Perle/Wolfowitz network is recieving assistance from corporations that should be in the practice of protecting citizens privacy rights. But, as with all plans with the magnitude as PNAC, side-stepping the established laws and regulations...particularly those that might reveal their true a neccesity. Plans like PNAC must... by their very nature.... seek to erode the laws of the existing status quo. This is why new laws of a type that evade international human rights laws must either be implemented, or evaded. Thus we have the Patriot Laws and the legal excuses provided by Alberto Gonzales regarding torture. The recent indictment of Libby has shone a little light into a corner of the financial motive that keeps the non-Zionists interested in hiding the true extent of their intentions, but I doubt it will go any further than that. Not until Cheney is indicted, or at least under extreme financial pressure, will he say anything about his complicency in the plan to throw the American military into what is esentially a "holy war" against the Arabs. This is neccesary to the Perle's and Wolfowitz's plan to insure the long-term existence of Israel by establishing its super-power status in the Middle East. The "Cheneys" are in it for the war profits, and the Pentagon is in it for the "glory" of the USA. This is particularly true when the chicken-hawks rule the roost, as they do now of course. Shades of Dr. Strangelove. Unfortunately, Cheney and other non-Zionists in Washington will follow Wolfowitz to the bitter end. The profits to be made from the wars necesary to the PNAC/Israeli plan are too tempting for men as ethically stunted as Cheney and the "Texecutioner". Mycos~