Dec. 13, 2006

Horowitz continues to exaggerate Israeli threat; Killing American troops foolish enough to believe him

Surprise terrorist attacks remain top threat trumpets Horowitz, while Bill Gertz at the WASHINGTON TIMES writes "A surprise attack on the United States by terrorists is the most worrying threat facing the country, while a nuclear detonation by al Qaeda here remains a low probability, the admiral in charge of the U.S. Northern Command says." Got that? Fear is high...but actual threat is low Yet the Whore features only fear at FPM, with other terrorists spreading the false fear as tho it were real, always failing to add that the fear, as Bill Gertz explains in the above article, is blown out of proportion by false terror threats. That Horowitz doesn't say he is packing the explosives, he is more a terrorist than a dozen OBL's combined. Tens of thousands of Americans believe his "I'm a Jew first, American second" BS, the details of which come straight out of the mouths of Likud Zionists like Sharon, Netanyahu or the terrorist jewish gang Kahane Hai. Why do they need to lie to Americans? Because fear of Israel's enemies is keeping Israel provided with 3 BILLION a year in arms, cash, intelligence....with huge cash payoffs even going to Israel's enemies. That's actual bribes being paid to the people Bush tells us back here "We don't negotiate with terrorists". Well.....Apparently the negotiating has been done and the price of peace has been reached. Bribery of Arab tyrants, American soldiers fighting Israeli wars, and Israeli's spreading terror here by exaggerating the actual damage or capabilities of Muslim wingnuts like him and Pat Robertson et al. "Yes, David. The fear business has been very, very good to me". You'd have to be nearly as punch-drunk as some boxer to fall for half these lies as is, so maybe dying in somebody else's wars is good riddance to bad genes anyhow.

Dec. 11, 2006