Jul. 2, 2005

Lawrence O'Donnell: Rove Blew CIA Agent's Cover

Lawrence O'Donnell Sat Jul 2,11:51 AM ET

I revealed in yesterday's taping of the McLaughlin Group that Time magazine's emails will reveal that Karl Rove was Matt Cooper's source. I have known this for months but didn't want to say it at a time that would risk me getting dragged into the grand jury.

McLaughlin is seen in some markets on Friday night, so some websites have picked it up, including Drudge, but I don't expect it to have much impact because McLaughlin is not considered a news show and it will be pre-empted in the big markets on Sunday because of tennis.

Since I revealed the big scoop, I have had it reconfirmed by yet another highly authoritative source. Too many people know this. It should break wide open this week. I know Newsweek is working on an 'It's Rove!' story and will probably break it tomorrow."

Take Heed America

The wages of fundamentalism
Peter Watson International Herald Tribune

CAMBRIDGE, England For decades, 'big science' - indeed any kind of science - has been led by the United States. There are warning signs, however, that American science is losing its edge, and may even have peaked. One reason is that as religious and political fundamentalism tighten their grip, they are beginning to sap America's intellectual vitality.

By contrast, the political turmoil that has broken out on the other side of the Atlantic shows that Europeans grasp how destructive fundamentalism can be."

Jul. 1, 2005

MSNBC Analyst Says Cooper Documents Reveal Karl Rove as Source in Plame Case

MSNBC Analyst Says Cooper Documents Reveal Karl Rove as Source in Plame Case

By E&P Staff

Published: July 01, 2005 11:30 PM ET

NEW YORK Now that Time Inc. has turned over documents to federal court, presumably revealing who its reporter, Matt Cooper, identified as his source in the Valerie Plame/CIA case, speculation runs rampant on the name of that source, and what might happen to him or her. Tonight, on the syndicated McLaughlin Group political talk show, Lawrence O'Donnell, senior MSNBC political analyst, claimed to know that name--and it is, according to him, top White House mastermind Karl Rove.

Here is the transcript of O'Donnell's remarks:

'What we're going to go to now in the next stage, when Matt Cooper's e-mails, within Time Magazine, are handed over to the grand jury, the ultimate revelation, probably within the week of who his source is.

'And I know I'm going to get pulled into the grand jury for saying this but the source of...for Matt Cooper was Karl Rove, and that will be revealed in this document dump that Time magazine's going to do with the grand jury.'

Other panelists then joined in discussing whether, if true, this would suggest a perjury rap for Rove, if he told the grand jury he did not leak to Cooper. "


Fri Jul 01 2005 22:41:39 ET

Matthew Cooper of TIME and Judith Miller of the NEW YORK TIMES, who have been held in contempt for refusing to testify about their confidential sources, filed court papers Friday asking to be sentenced to home confinement or to particular federal prisons if they must be jailed

. Cooper asked not to be sent to the default facility for people held in civil contempt in Washington, the District of Columbia jail. 'Confinement in the D.C. jail,' Cooper's lawyers wrote, 'would subject Mr. Cooper, a nonviolent, noncriminal journalist, to a dangerous maximum security lockup already overcrowded with a mix of convicted offenders and other detainees awaiting criminal trials.'

Cooper asked to be sent to the federal prison camp in Cumberland, Md., if home confinement is not an option

. In her papers, Saturday's NYT reports, Miller asked for 'very restrictive home detention' if confinement is required, including an electronic bracelet and excluding Internet access and cellular phones.

In the alternative, she asked to be sent to the federal prison camp for women in Danbury, Conn.
Developing...Lawrence O'Donnel on McLaughlin Group: 'I'm probably gonna get pulled into the grand jury for saying this, but it will be revealed in Cooper's notes that it is Karl Rove who leaked Plame's identity'... Developing...


Jun. 30, 2005

Iraqi Resistance Communiqué: Bush……..Why the Hurry?!?!

Iraqi Resistance Replies To Bush Speech: Sets Terms For U.S. Surrender Bush……..Why the Hurry?!?! 06/29/05 Rafidan-The Political Committee The Mujahideen Central Command (MCC) Baghdad- The Republic of Iraq Release No. 14 Title: Bush……..Why the Hurry?!?! Peace to you by the Grace of God, We solute the dear resistance factions and May god be your protector. The War Criminal Rumsfield has spoken of lies when he claimed negotiations, for he today curls in Pain. We Rafidan, represent part of the resistance factions, confirm only to reinforce a driven nail in this war criminal's head, that there is no such word 'negotiation' in our political agenda. We have a phrase though, that calls to fight the invaders till their defeat, & war criminals are to be brought to justice, Iraq is to be compensated for the losses, & revenge must be taken from all those who supported the sanctions & the annihilation of the Iraqi people & their army. Let us all ask ourselves, why Rumsfield, Rice, & Blair, reiterated this lie in a synchronized manner! Before Two Years, Bush: - Declares war on us, & the congress rejoices, the congress rises and falls seven times to express their support to this tyrant. - He acquired media statistics that declare 85% support from his people who are waiting for Iraq to be annihilated from this planet. (Today, we know where he got his figures!) - This tyrant issued many laws which reduce freedom & all were silent! - He insults the U.N. & governments till they recited his prayers and submitted to his will in support of his so called war on terror. - He cried for the innocent lives taken on 9/11, everyone believed him, despite all the evidence that the stunt was prepared by his CIA and the Zionists and patsies. Where is Bush Today? - The congress shouts, where are the WMDs? Why did we lose 2000 of our soldiers and 12,000 injured as admitted by the"

New Iranian president among 1979 captors: hostages

There's just something about this story that has the sound of another inflammatory set-up by the hawks....something that is being pushed out on the public to justify some kind of unusually agressive stance taken by the US administration, military or otherwise, against the new leader. I hope I'm wrong, but the track history of the US is clear about this kind of thing. I think it would be prudent to check the backgrounds of the persons making the claims. Check to see how involved in politiics or the intelligence services they are.

New Iranian president among 1979 captors: hostages
Last Updated Thu, 30 Jun 2005 15:14:13 EDT

Some Americans who were held hostage in Iran in 1979 are claiming that the country's president-elect was one of their captors.

At least four former hostages told the Associated Press they had no doubt that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was one of the hostage-takers after seeing him on television."

RCMP shared intelligence with Syria, Arar inquiry told

Unfortunately, even though we are a progressive country, there just seems to be a pocket of assholes that always seem to be attracted to any position of authority that might be available. The benifits of the position to a testosterone-dulled thug are obvious and needn't be explained. If you need an explanation, it will be taught to you.... in spades, once the war crimes of Bush and the helping hands of the police/intelligence (lol) services that enabled him are brought to light.

It seems such a shame that the very people who are given the task of enforcing freedom and liberty are the very people who least understand the principle. Sure, they can mouth the words real well, after all, their training demands that they remember the words, but they mean jack-shit to these bozo's. One day, hopefully soon, there will be a reckoning.


RCMP shared intelligence with Syria, Arar inquiry told
Last Updated Thu, 30 Jun 2005 22:28:27 EDT
CBC News

The Maher Arar inquiry was told on Thursday that the RCMP shared intelligence with Syrian officials in the fall of 2002.

RCMP Supt. Mike Cabana who headed up the investigation in the Ottawa area said Canadian officials were concerned Arar was being abused early in his captivity in Syria, but they exchanged intelligence anyway."

Jun. 28, 2005

Communique from the Iraqi Resistance (Unedited)

The Mujahideen Central Command (MCC)
The Republic Of Iraq

To The Great Iraqi People,

To the Mujahideen, Resistors, & fighters of the great Iraqi People

After our salute,

In the name of all the factions that fight under our command, we declare to you, that we did not in the past present or the future, and will not sit on the negotiating table with the American Occupation forces or war criminal representatives. We also declare: That we did not conduct any negotiations with any person, party or group which either came with the occupying forces or claims to represent the vision of the Iraqi people.

This is yet another game that the enemy plays to deceive his people into submission after they discovered his lies, also to try and create wedges between the Iraqi resistance, Which also shows how much they really know about what kind of people are fighting them.

Rafidan the political committee has issued release No. 12 to explain to our people the reasons behind this new game. Especially the latest claims by the occupiers and their puppets, of them negotiating with us or the Mujahideen Army, The Islamic Army of Iraq, or any of our fifteen factions.

We do not negotiate with criminals and bush must realize that he is defeated in Iraq, and there is no more margin for his maneuver and we will bring to trial all the war criminals and traitors and bring punishment to those who betrayed the religion, nation and people.

We also confirm that an operation was to be carried out to assassinate the so called Iraqi minister of Electricity, A minister to a ministry and nation without electricity;. The traitor, Ayham Al Samaraie, unfortunately the operation failed due to a technical problem.

We will get him the next time!


One has to wonder if the technical problem was an electricall one


"It's Criminal" Bush Administration Manipulates Science

Bush Administration Manipulates Science in Grazing Report

The Bush Administration manipulated scientific data in a government study on the environmental impact of cattle grazing prior to announcing that it would loosen regulations limiting grazing on public lands, according to two scientists who contributed to the study.

"They rewrote everything. It's a crime," said Erick Campbell, a former biologist with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who wrote the sections of the report that address the effects of the new rules on wildlife. "This is a whitewash— they took all of our science and reversed it 180 degrees." [1] Campbell made his remarks last week in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Bill Brookes, a retired BLM hydrologist who worked on the study also complained of Administration meddling. "Everything I wrote was totally rewritten and watered down," Brookes told the Times. [2]

The new rules will allow ranchers to graze their cattle on public lands for a longer period of time --up to five years-- before they are required to reduce the size of their herds. The new rules will also limit public participation in decisions on grazing issues.

According to BLM Director Kathleen Clarke, the new rules "will produce long-term rangeland health benefits," including increased vegetation on stream banks, which will reduce soil erosion and provide more wildlife habitat. [3]

But the original report conducted by the BLM's own scientists reached the opposite conclusion. According to the original report, "The proposed action will have a slow, long-term adverse impact on wildlife and biological diversity in general." This entire section was ultimately eliminated and, incredibly, BLM now says the new grazing regulations are in fact "beneficial to animals." [4]

But according to Tom Lustig, senior counsel for the National Wildlife Federation, "Almost nothing in these rules benefits the public lands or the millions of Americans who use them for purposes other than raising cattle." [5]

Environmental experts note the new regulations will have widespread and lasting impacts. According to Bobby McEnaney, a grazing expert with the Natural Resources Defense Council, "Grazing regulations affect 160 million acres of public land in the Western United States --far more than any other industry-- so any change to grazing laws will have a dramatic impact on the country's public lands."

McEnaney condemned the Administration's distortion of science and public participation. "The science was completely rewritten in order to cater to ranching interests."

[1]Federal cattle grazing analysis called white wash," Los Angeles Times, Jun. 18, 2005. [2] Ibid. [3] "Bush Eases Land Use for Ranchers," Christian Science Monitor, Jun. 22, 2005. [4] Ibid. [5] "New federal grazing rules will rip up public lands," National Wildlife Federation, Jun. 16, 2005.

Jun. 27, 2005

Witnesses Were Held Illegally (Kidnapping by US Government)

Another charge to be laid on George W. Bush and his White House crime family. Time to start thinking of your own "exit" strategy, Bush. An "escape" strategy IOW.... :D

Report: Witnesses Were Held Illegally
Many Jailed After 9/11 Never Testified

By Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, June 27, 2005

The federal government held 70 men as potential grand jury witnesses in terrorism investigations after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, but nearly half were never called to testify, according to a new study by two advocacy groups.

The report, released yesterday by Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union, concluded that the government's use of 'material witness' warrants in the months after the attacks was excessive and frequently unlawful because many of the detainees were never questioned by a grand jury or were denied access to attorneys for extended periods of time. Most were never charged with a crime."

The Fantastical World Of Studley McMuffin

The Fantastical World Of Studley McMuffin

By Sheila Samples

06/27/05 'ICH' - - Is there a single psychologist or phychiatrist in this country -- in any country -- who would be willing to put his or her credibility on the line and say that George W. Bush is not a bloodthirsty lunatic, a liar and a fool?

I thought not.

I am finding it more and more difficult to hear what he is saying. Each time Bush opens his mouth, he seems to be attempting to channel a loon, but unfortunately, its weird cries are all but drowned out by the maniacal barking of a hyena. That would be fine if he were out in the Texas boonies with the rest of the loons and hyenas rather than illegally occupying the chair reserved for our elected head of state -- arguably the most powerful man in the world.

How long are we going to allow this war criminal to keep killing innocent men, women and children while wiping his brow and complaining how much work -- hard work -- it is? How long, America? Until they're all dead under the weight of our liberation? "


Incinerating Iraqis; the napalm cover up

Incinerating Iraqis; the napalm cover up

by Mike Whitney

Two weeks ago the UK Independent ran an article which confirmed that the US had "lied to Britain over the use of napalm in Iraq". (06-17-05) Since then, not one American newspaper or TV station has picked up the story even though the Pentagon has verified the claims. This is the extent to which the American "free press" is yoked to the center of power in Washington.


Stronach a Traitor?

Magna's Annexationist Interest:
Guess Who Hired Paul Cellucci

Belinda Stronach is an annexationist. Her defection to the Liberals reveals that secret deals are being made behind the scenes in order to further annex Canada to the United States. She advocates for Canada's integration into a 'North American Security Perimeter.' Behind all her talk about stability are attempts to smash the organized resistance of Canadian workers, especially in the auto sector, to the demands of the monopolies to turn them into slave labour in the name of the greater good. Her agenda on Canada-U.S. relations serve the narrow anti-national aim of Magna International, the company which is hers by blood.

In this regard, it is interesting that on May 1 Magna Entertainment Corporation -- involved in gambling and horse racetracks -- officially hired the hated former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci as its Executive Vice-President of Corporate Development. Cellucci was the mouthpiece of U.S. imperialist President George W. Bush in Canada. As Ambassador his role was to organize forces such as the Canadian Council of Chief Executives to push for the annexation of Canada by the United States, Canada's participation in U.S. aggression against Iraq and its violations of international rule of law. As a representative of the Bush administration in Canada, he deliberately violated the norms of diplomatic relations between nations and on numerous occasions interfered in Canadian internal affairs calling for increased spending on the military and chastising Canadians for not supporting the war in Iraq, threatening consequences as a result.

'Mr. Cellucci has an outstanding record of public service and will make an enormous contribution to (Magna Entertainment) and he will play a leadership role in our efforts to bring about regulatory reform at the state level aimed at modernizing the horse racing and pari-mutuel industry,' Frank Stronach said in a release.

It would be "

Save Euan Blair From Closet Queen David Drier

"TAKE ACTION: Save Tony Blair's son from the clutch of America's closets First Bush goes off and recruits Blair for his Iraq debacle and now THIS? Tony Blair's son to work with US Republicans: He will reportedly be under the wing of Californian lawmaker David Dreier (R), the committee's chairman and a member of the lower House of Representatives for the Republican Party of US President George W. Bush.21-year-old Euan, Blair's eldest son, is soon to graduate from Bristol University in southwest England with a degree in ancient history. TAKE ACTION: We all know the dangers of Republican gay bashing from within the closet...look at Spokane mayor West and former US House member Ed Schrock for proof of that, but does TONY BLAIR know that he is sending his young son off to work with one of these closeted hate cases? WRITE TONY BLAIR AT #10 DOWNING STREET So, do a favor for Euan Blair and click here to write to his dad with the truth about David Dreier. All the distinguished Prime Minister has to do is look at the story of Spokane Mayor James West and former Rep. Ed Schrock to know that Dreier's place in the history books is destined to be as a self-loathing gay man. After that whole memo thing, we know you can do better than this on Downing Street.