Jul. 30, 2005

PNAC for the newly informed

Below I have included a link for my friends down at the Sac Union. Read it then comment. You can't keep your eyes shut any longer. It will be embarrassing for awhile, but then you can at lest say you realized it before many millions of others did, but surely will. Get out n front of the pack. Many millions more already have.

The Hawks Loudly Express Their Doubts

The following article is more broadly about how initial supporters of the war in Iraq are having second thoughts, or doubts about how it has been conducted. It's relevant to this site for two reasons: 1) it mentions a number of neoconservatives (Max Boot, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, and more) amongst the ranks of the disappointed, and 2) it speaks of how traditional conservatives (like CNN pundit Tucker Carlson, for example) are waking up to the fact that they allowed themselves to be spun into supporting a war which is not reflective of a conservative view of government's role.

That sentiment is summed up best in this sentence:

How, they wonder, did so many conservatives, who normally don't trust their government to run a public school down the street, come to believe that federal bureaucrats could transform an entire nation in the alien culture of the Middle East?

Good question.

The article is worth reading just for the quote near the end from Edmund Burke about empire. I'm archiving the entire article here-- you can access the original at the link below.

The Hawks Loudly Express Their Second Thoughts

The New York Times > Week in Review


Published: May 16, 2004

WASHINGTON — Not long ago, the word "triumphalist" was being applied to the neoconservatives and other intellectuals who championed the war in Iraq. Now the buzzwords are "depressed," "angst-ridden" and "going wobbly."

After the setbacks in Falluja and Najaf, followed by the prisoner abuse scandal, hawks are glumly trying to reconcile the reality in Iraq with the predictions they made before the war. A few have already given up on the idea of a stable democracy in Iraq, and many are predicting failure unless there's a dramatic change in policy - a new date for elections, a new secretary of defense, a new exit strategy.

Most blame the administration for botching the mission, and some are also questioning their own judgment. How, they wonder, did so many conservatives, who normally don't trust their government to run a public school down the street, come to believe that federal bureaucrats could transform an entire nation in the alien culture of the Middle East? To these self-doubting hawks, the conservatives now blaming American officials for Iraq's problems are reminiscent of the leftists who kept blaming incompetents in the Kremlin for the failure of Communism.

Some hawks are staying the course. Donald H. Rumsfeld, the defense secretary, is still defended by The Wall Street Journal editorial page and columnists like Charles Krauthammer, of The Washington Post, and William Safire, of The New York Times, who has dismissed the idea of speeding the transition as "cut and walk fast." Rush Limbaugh has accused liberal journalists of overreacting to the prison scandal.

When asked on Friday about the criticism from his fellow neoconservatives, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul D. Wolfowitz acknowledged difficulties but seemed unfazed. "Saddam's murderers and torturers who abused the Iraqi people for 35 years have proven to be a tough as well as ruthless enemy," he said. "But no one should have expected a cakewalk and that's no reason to go wobbly now. I spend most of my time with officers and soldiers, and they're not defeatists - not even the ones who suffered terrible wounds in Iraq."

But many hawks across the political spectrum are having public second thoughts. The National Review has dismissed the Wilsonian ideal of implanting democracy in Iraq, and has recommended settling for an orderly society with a non-dictatorial government. David Brooks, a New York Times columnist, wrote that America entered Iraq with a "childish fantasy" and is now "a shellshocked hegemon." Journalists like Robert Novak, Max Boot and Thomas Friedman have encouraged Mr. Rumsfeld to resign.

Robert Kagan and William Kristol, two influential hawks at the neoconservative Weekly Standard, warned in last week's issue of the widespread bipartisan view that the war "is already lost or on the verge of being lost." They called for moving up the election in Iraq to Sept. 30 to hasten the transition and distract attention from American mistakes.

"There's a fair amount of conservative despair, which I respect," Mr. Kristol, the magazine's editor, said in an interview. "My sentiments are closer to anger than to angst. My anger is at the administration for having made many more mistakes than it needed to have made. But we still have to win and we still can win."

Andrew Sullivan, the conservative blogger, has questioned whether it was foolish to trust the Bush administration to wage the war competently. After the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, Mr. Sullivan posted such pained thoughts questioning the moral justification for the war that he was inundated with e-mail messages telling him to buck up.

"Now I'm being bashed for going wobbly," Mr. Sullivan said. "I'm still in favor of this war and still desperately want it to succeed, but when the case we made for war is undermined by events, we have to acknowledge that and explain why the case for war still stands. Sometimes politicians have to stick to scripts regardless of the facts, but a writer has an obligation to be more honest."

These second thoughts seem a bit late to some non-conservative hawks like Kenneth M. Pollack and Fareed Zakaria. Although Mr. Pollack, a senior fellow at the Saban Center of the Brookings Institution, wrote an influential book urging war against Iraq, he called the administration's plan ill-conceived before the war began. Mr. Zakaria, the editor of Newsweek International, turned on the administration shortly after the occupation began.

"All the big mistakes were made in the first three or four months, when the administration didn't send in enough troops and spurned international cooperation," Mr. Zakaria said. "But the neoconservatives were cheering them on. Now that it's going south, they're simply blowing with the wind. In retrospect, the critics I have a lot of respect for are the realist conservatives who said long before the war that you're opening up a hornet's nest and the costs will outweigh the benefits."

The columnist George Will suggested the administration get a dose of conservatism without the "neo" prefix, and Tucker Carlson, of CNN's "Crossfire," said he, too, had gained respect for old-fashioned conservatism.

"I supported the war and now I feel foolish," Mr. Carlson said. "I'm just struck by how many people like me who were instinctively distrustful of government forgot to be humble in our expectations. The idea that the federal government can quickly transform the Middle East seems odd to me for a conservative. A basic tenet of conservatism is that it's much easier to destroy things than to create them - much easier, and more fun, too."

Mr. Wolfowitz disputed the notion that American officials had unrealistic expectations. "The purpose of this war wasn't to remake Iraq any more than the purpose of World War II was to remake Germany and Japan," he said. " But having removed Saddam Hussein, we have to put something better in his place. Do they think it would have been realistic to continue with another 12 years of containment after Sept. 11?"

Samuel P. Huntington, the Harvard professor who famously predicted that the cold war's end would be followed not by the global spread of Western capitalism and democracy but by a "clash of civilizations," said he agreed with the need to combat foreign enemies with pre-emptive action in some cases. But he did not consider Iraq one of those imminent threats and opposed the invasion.

"We just didn't realize how totally different the culture is in Middle Eastern countries," he said. "Before the Iraq war, I predicted that we would quickly defeat Saddam Hussein and then find ourselves in a second war against the Iraqi people that we could never win." A similar prediction was issued last fall by Owen Harries, the former editor of The National Interest. In an essay in "The American Conservative," Mr. Harries quoted Edmund Burke's classic essays on the dangers of remaking society at home or abroad.

"We may say that we shall not abuse this astonishing and hitherto unheard of power," Burke wrote of the British empire in the 1770's. "But every other nation will think we shall abuse it. It is impossible but that, sooner or later, this state of things must produce a combination against us which may end in our ruin."

It would be hyperbolic to say that Burke's heirs quite share his sense of doom. But they're not sounding much cheerier these days.

Senate Approves Bill Protecting Gun Businesses

"It was a blistering pace compared to the usual level of legislative activity. 'We either do nothing or everything at once,' said Senator John W. Warner, Republican of Virginia."
Excerpt from the story at the NYTimes.

It occurs to me that perhaps this is part of the problem. If they took the time to consider each piece of legislation on it's merits, then the lobbyists wouldn't even consider padding the legislative bills with all that othr pork. It actually sounds as if Warner (above) is trying to make an excuse for why certain things get approval that otherwise never would. With this way of doing things he can say that everything was going so fast that there wasn't time to scrutinize every bill they way it deserved. OTOH, he can claim that the only timed they get to look at things and debate them when they're in front of the whole house. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. And on that note, it sounding more and more like the NRA is the modern-day reincarnation of the beloved Marie Antoinette


Jul. 29, 2005

Head of Texas Minutemen quits, cites racism

And surely no-one is really surprised at this are they?

Hehehe..and I have to wonder how ol' Lou Dobbs at CNN is going to try to weasel his racist, xenophobic little ass out of this one. Should make for good "pundit-hunting" for the next few days, huh? ;-)

Texas Minutemen head quits, cites racism in group
National leaders say plans to patrol Houston still on

The head of the Texas Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has quit, saying he has been unable to overcome racism among members in Goliad.

National leaders say the resignation of Bill Parmley won't have any effect on the planned actions targeting illegal immigrants in Houston and other Texas cities this October. However, they also acknowledge Parmley was a driving force in organizing that effort. It was Parmley's idea to run operations in Houston targeting day laborers and the contractors who hire them. And Parmley, a petroleum geologist and landowner in Goliad County, bought the plane tickets to fly in national Minuteman leaders from Arizona last month to begin organizing efforts here.

Parmley said he has become concerned that some of the Minuteman activists in his region have a vendetta against the Goliad County sheriff, who is Hispanic.He asserted they also have made comments about shooting illegal immigrants or letting them die from dehydration.'That's their mind-set, and I don't want my name and my reputation associated with a group of people who are racist like that,' he said."

U.S. seeks extradition of Canadian pot crusader

OK. What in the hell do these cops think they're doing?

Remember last year when they brought up some Texas cops to practice arresting people on Canadian soil? Now we know why! It was a rehearsal of the arrest of Canadian citizens. Marc Emery has been the first and I'm willing to bet he won't be the last. You smoke pot? Be afraid. Be very afraid. They're coming for you too.

But far more worrisome is why the Canadian police services allowing this. Why are they sucking American dick? Why are they allowing these arrests to take place at the direction of American wingnuts? Has there already been a coup of some kind? Have we already lost our sovereignty to the US because it sure the hell looks like it. This would explain Hilliers sudden bluster, the Americans arresting people on the highway outside Hope last year, the Martin government blatant fear of saying anything that would offend Bush.

Canadians have always been a traditionally reserved bunch of people who take pride in keeping peace, not agitating for war. That's the way Americans do things. So I have to seriously wonder if Hillier, Defence Minister Graham and the RCMP taking their directions from Washington now? This is deeply disturbing news and it should concern all Canadians of any political stripe.

U.S. seeks extradition of Canadian pot crusader
Last Updated Fri, 29 Jul 2005 19:28:06 EDT
CBC News

Vancouver police armed with a search warrant have raided a pot-seed store run by Marc Emery, the head of the B.C. Marijuana Party."

American Madman

You folks have got to see this. Here's a fellow who thinks that a photo of himself on a throne would be good for his idea of what an America wants in a leader. Hmmm....OTOH maybe so :D What I see however is a little Hitler in the making. And does he really think that this is what the war was about? To "capture" thrones? Obviously he hasn't been able to hire a competent political strategist yet, although you'd think somebody must have told him that this wasn't a particularly good idea.

And BTW, why does he assume those missiles are headed to America? Saddam had no long range missiles. Hell, his old soviet-era SCUDs barely made it any further than a good Barry Bonds slam.

At any rate, here you go. The next installment of "American Madman".

Jul. 28, 2005

MAF and their "Terrorist" painting silliness

I've been having a major go of it down at the Sacramento Union web-page over the Pearcy artwork. I suggest that some of you head down to the link and make your voices heard. As it is, it has been hijacked by the pseudo-patriots. It seems that their best argument is that a government building is no place for an art display. Of course, if it were pro-Bush, we wouldn't be hearing any of this nonsense whatsoever, but that point is never addressed. It always turns to more foot-stomping about the liberal press whenever Bush gets caught with his pants down.
Ohhhh if they only knew the number of things the media has given Bush a free pass on. They'd be stunned senseless.....er well...


Jul. 27, 2005

The Anointed of America

Great little article here. It pulls no punches and gets straight to the point, that being how entirely unfit for any place in government the evangelicals on the Christian right are. This man sees precisely the same things as myself and and a great many others who like to watch people rather than be mindlessly absorbed into following along.

"Such scenes of indoctrination and deliberate isolation help me to understand why the otherwise sensible people of Kansas so quietly accept their role as national laughing stock for the Jumping Jesus school of biology espoused by their state school board. The advocates of the New Christian Nation seem perfectly innocuous and inoffensive until they achieve a seeming majority within any medium, including a backyard picnic. Only when they take actual charge does it become obvious that their professed doctrine of love and devotion disguises an agenda of studied ignorance and intolerant control."

Cheney: The Reality


Cheney's remarkable life story involves the relentless accumulation of power in every form.

Elected for a second term, he continues to be one of the most powerful and well-connected men in the world. The fifth estate will show how he accomplished this, what it involved in terms of costs for others and what history's judgement could be.....

Prosecutor In CIA Leak Case Casting A Wide Net

As I have said before here at The Great Deceiver, it is certainly looking like the White House has been designated an enemy of the state by none other than the CIA itself. It looks more like a direct effort by them to take this White House down.

Now. Let me make myself very, very clear about this. This is not a coup or anything of the sort by the CIA. IT IS their mandate to protect the US from a criminal organization that is bringing death and dishonor to it's inhabitants. and this is exactly what the Bush, Cheney, neocon bunch has been engaged in since the 2000 election.

I hate to crow about it, but this has been obvious to a great many of us who have our eyes open, who are not blinded by the false patriotism and intense nationalistic fervor that has been whipped up by groups like the neocons and other wingnut fascist or theocratic groups (like MAF and RightMarch respectively).

Yes, Rove went too goddamn far when he outed Plame, perhaps triggering the attack by the CIA, but the long and short of it is, they have been prompted to do the right thing for the greater good. I can only hope they are doing it out of national duty to he citizenry, and not out of revenge. If they are doing it for the US, then at least one branch of government is still operating as it should.

When the "frog-march" of Rove is expanded to include Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld, Novak, Carlucci, the entire group behind the PNAC document, MAF, RightMarch, the media moguls who have been silent about this ongoing and blatant attempt to steal Americans civil rights out from underneath them in the guise of the phony WOT, then America can start to heal from this assault on the nation by it's most radical and fringe groups, groups who have been allowed to conduct their treason only because corporate America has stayed silent....presumably because of the enormous profits to be made during times of war...any war, unjust or not.


Prosecutor In CIA Leak Case Casting A Wide Net
White House Effort To Discredit Critic Examined in Detail

By Walter Pincus and Jim VandeHei
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The special prosecutor in the CIA leak probe has interviewed a wider range of administration officials than was previously known, part of an effort to determine whether anyone broke laws during a White House effort two years ago to discredit allegations that President Bush used faulty intelligence to justify the Iraq war, according to several officials familiar with the case."

Jul. 26, 2005

Georgian Would-Be Assassin: "Because Bush Is A Prick!"

Gotta admit that it sure feels good to say it..... ;-)

Georgian Would-Be Assassin Details Grenade Attack on Bush


Vladimir Arutyunyan, accused of throwing a grenade at U.S. President George Bush, has described his assassination attempt.

During a conversation with the head of the Georgian police press center, Guram Donadze, who was quoted by Izvestia newspaper, Arutyunyan apparently said: “I will tell you why I did it. Because Bush is a prick!”"

Jul. 25, 2005

Hey, Hey! What's going on?

What's going on?

It has always been my belief that Canada has been able to use its reputation as peace-keepers as a social and political entity that is powerful enough to moderate the U.S.'s super-power bluster to our own advantage. It is a role that has served Canada's capitalistic interests very well now for many years. So, given this, doesn't it seem strange for Martin to be so silent about Hillier's outburst regarding the Muslim extremists? Isn't he putting our citizens in danger of retaliation? Placing our citizens up as targets for the extremist wing-nuts? Traditionally, the US government has placed it's own citizens in the line of fire so that American corporate and military interests can be achieved while we can sit back and reap the economic benefits.

What? Not a very "manly" way to go about things you say? Yeah, well.... You tell that to the business and power players in Washington or Wall St.. You know the people. The ones who have never seen a battle-field? Or if they have, they pull every string they have to make sure that it is someone else's kids who do the actual fighting. No no. Canada has played the US as surely and as slickly as the US power elite plays it's lower class citizens. "Hat's off to Canada", I say. Well done mates ! So what the fuck is with Hillier's outburst and Martin's refusal to try to dilute his words? This, combined with Blair's refusal to admit the obvious about the latest bomb attacks over there, strongly suggests that they can't follow the "politics as usual" paradigm for some reason. Neither of them give any indication that they realise it's time to start putting some political distance between their government and Bush's increasingly obvious bullshit. Surely they must know this. So why aren't Blair and Martin following their domestic political agenda? Surely they aren't going to chuck their own political careers just to follow George Bush and his phony WOT into the history books as complicit in one of the all-time greatest moments in stupidity? Surely they don't want to take space in the same history books as the fool do they? Of course not. So I can't help but think that there is something more than the agenda of the Cheney corporate mafia going on. I seriously have to wonder whether the PNAC agenda has taken hold in our respective governments. It would explain much. It would also mean that our governments our being arm-twisted by the neocons. What sort of reaction from us, the citizenry would be required to put a stop to this is indeed sobering to think about. But "think about it", we must.....


MAF Now Equates Art With Terrorism

At what point does it become obvious that these are fascists attempting to use the discord in America to raise their own profile?

Hitler went after "anti-German" art as soon as he took power and long before the concentration camps. That's essential to the way they start to warp minds. C'mon people.....This is hate speech. Treat it as such. Report MAF to the authorities in your area. They will likely do nothing for the time being, but it will set the tone for when the hell breaks loose. Tell the authorities now that you are a patriotic American and you are deeply offended by this pair of ghouls. If they aren't picked up soon, at least they will be on their proper, rightful lists when the shit finally comes home to roost for these criminals.

Ilse Koch(MAF) Says,

Fellow Americans,

This is one email you might want to print out. It's important, and I need you to read every last word.

>From Egypt we learn that the terrorists have struck once more, and again they have chosen to target innocent civilians - people whose only "crime" was merely trying to vacation with their families.

There is a reason the terrorists strike at vacation resorts, and at office towers in New York and underground trains in London. The terrorists' ultimate target is the civilian population of the free world.

They want to undermine our resolve and cause the people of the free world to capitulate under the threats of violence and through the tactics of intimidation and fear.

So, you can understand why it is that I am so offended when I see some misguided and vocal types protesting against our troop and against what our great nation stands for.

A perfect example of the type of people I am referring to is Steve Pearcy, a Berkeley, California resident who is intent on terrorizing the people of Sacramento with his obscene anti-American art. Pearcy gained national fame after he began displaying U.S. troops hanged in effigy from a noose on the front of his 2nd home - in Sacramento, California.

Pearcy maintains a BLOG where he describes those who support our troops as:

"...drooling, toothless conservatives gathered across the street from my home to hold their candlelight, faith-healing, vigilante prayer meeting... Next time, for the sake of my neighbors across the street, I hope that the bible-thumpers will remember to bring their drool buckets with them."

You may view Steve Pearcy's BLOG online here (warning there is a great deal of offensive content):


People like Steve Pearcy do the bidding of the terrorists... they work to undermine American support for our troops and the missions they serve: Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (in Afghanistan). The offensive behavior of people like Steve Pearcy helps invigorate the terrorists and make them believe that their efforts are working, that American resolve in the war against terrorism is waning - and thus the killing of innocent civilians continues.

But now things have gotten much more serious.

The California State Attorney General (California's highest law enforcement officer) has put up Mr. Pearcy's anti-American "art" along with anti-American, anti-military and anti-Christian works by other "artists" in the California Department of Justice building.

Jul. 24, 2005

Hillier And His Bluster. Old Man...Go Away

I am deeply concerned about the recent comments by Maj. Gen. Rick Hillier. I am even more concerned by the response of our government to these words of provocation. Hillier is right to condemn the actions of those individuals who bomb civilian targets because of some grievance they have with the west, both real real or imagined.

But that is the thing. They are attacking civilians. Hillier can use any kind of provocative language he feels it takes to raise his aging testosterone levels, but I strongly suggest that he do it over in Afghanistan or wherever it might be that there are other He-Men who are similarly armed....other He-men who can....and will shoot back.

You see, what the General seems to forget is that it is not him that will suffer the consequences of his bluster. Indeed, while he sits in his armored vehicle, it will be my wife who suffers the wrath of these killers. While he sits in the middle of an armed camp, it will be my wife's children who become the target of these now infuriated suicide bombers.

Up to this point, this is one reason why I have chosen to raise my family in Canada. Canadians have enjoyed being the exception among Western nations. We alone are known as peace-keepers. We alone have been seen as the voice of reason among, what appears to many in this world, as a vast sea of mindless, profit-driven corporate irresponsibility.

Or at least we used to enjoy it.

Now, with the false bravado shown by Hillier, the gutlessness of our government in not telling him to keep his testosterone in his pants, we have moved firmly into the camp of the UK and the USA. As such, 'my' family has now become the target for those people who, misguided though they may be, nonetheless feel that Canada now "has it coming", because of the provocative, goading words of Rick Hillier.

And now that he has placed *my* family in their gun-sights, I am going to place a substantial portion of the blame for any future bombings squarely on him. These attacks will surely take place in Canada now. Bombings which up until now we have been spared because of our good reputation. This reputation was years in the making. It was achieved at the cost of many a Canadian peace-keepers life, only to have it squandered away in a few moments so that Hillier can sound tough in the eyes of his idols in the Pentagon or White House. It makes me want to get sick.....

Gary Williams

Gonzales Says He Told Card About CIA Probe

Gonzales Says He Told Card About CIA Probe

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer Sun Jul 24, 5:36 PM ET

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Sunday that he notified White House chief of staff Andy Card after the Justice Department opened an investigation into who revealed a covert CIA officer's identity, but waited 12 hours to tell anyone else in the executive mansion.

The White House did not respond to questions Sunday about whether Card passed that information to top Bush aide Karl Rove or anyone else, giving them advance notice to prepare for the investigation.

Gonzales was White House counsel on Sept. 29, 2003, and got the first official word inside the White House when the Justice Department opened its inquiry. Earlier that day, White House press secretary Scott McClellan had said the leak was a serious matter the Justice Department should pursue 'to the fullest extent.' McClellan also said it was 'ridiculous' to suggest Rove, Bush's top political operative, was involved.

Despite repeated denials by the White House that Rove played a part in revealing the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame, Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper recently said he first learned of her position during a discussion with Rove in July 2003. Cooper said Rove made the disclosure as he cautioned the reporter against allegations that Plame's husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, was making about faulty Iraq intelligence.

Gonzales said Justice Department lawyers notified him of the investigation around 8 p.m., and he got permission from them to wait until the following morning to direct the staff to preserve any materials related to the case.

'We were advised, `Go ahead and notify the staff early in the morning, that would be OK,'' Gonzales said on CBS' 'Face the Nation.' 'And again, most of the staff had gone home. No one knew about the investigation.'

Gonzales Burns Down White House?

July 24, 2005 -- WASHINGTON (apj.us) -- Alberto Gonzales has just thrown a truckload of gasoline on the Treasongate fire.

This morning, on CBS Face the Nation, in response to a question from host Bob Schieffer about today's NY Times op-ed by Frank Rich that focuses on the 12-hour "gap" between Gonzales being notified of a DOJ probe of the leak of Valerie Plame's name to Bob Novak and officially notifying the White House, Gonzales added a single, volatile detail to the timeline that is certain to have the entire West Wing treading flop sweat.

Here's what we knew:

-- September 26, 2003: At the request of then-CIA Director George J. Tenet, the Justice Department begins the process of investigating an allegation that administration officials leaked the identity of an undercover CIA officer to a journalist.

-- September 29, 2003: At about 8:30PM, the Justice Department asks then-White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales to preserve all evidence relevant to the leak of Valerie Plame's identity, but grants Gonzales an additional overnight delay -- a privilege that defies both common sense and standard DOJ investigative procedures.

-- September 30, 2003: Gonzales notifies the president early that morning; DOJ officially launches full their criminal investigation into the leak and requires White House to preserve all relevant evidence.

Gonzales told Schieffer that after the DOJ had notified him of the probe on the night of the 29th, he told White House Chief of Staff Andy Card that night. You can find more details of Gonzales' appearance at E&P and later today in Pundit Pap.

As The Raw Story is fond of saying, "developing hard."

Rove vs. CIA?

I wrote here awhile back that I felt that the CIA has more to do with this admionistrations problems than just Joe Wilson hatred of Bush and his liars. Apparently, so does this guy.

by Joshua Frank

So it looks as if Karl Rove actually did it. President Bush's top strategist purportedly leaked the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame to the press in an attempt to discredit former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who had criticized the Bush Administration's faulty claim that Saddam Hussein was going nuclea"