Oct. 28, 2005

Fow News' Extreme Bias Revealed

I've had many an argument with the sheeple of America over whether FOX news is biased in it's reporting or not. Well, if there was ever proof of a circumstantial nature, this must be it. Below is the FOX news main page with it's lead story highlighted. Now...you would think that perhaps they don't think the LIbby indictment is the most important story and so have featured it further down the page. But oh no... It's not even on the website! News is what they say it is, and what is bad for the GOP should not be discussed publicly. It's dirty laundry and good people don't discuss it. They hide it away in a closet, just as they do with all their other "methinks thy doth protest to much" inclinations and outright perversions. So why isn't the Libby indictment news? It's too embarrassing to their leader! They feel that if they don't tell the people...if they pretend it's not important, then maybe the sheeple will think the same way about it and we can all just forgive Dick and George for their treasonous behaviour in office. Then it would be business as usual for everybody , right? Well, that is if you happen to own a business.... a notion they are also very careful to avoid getting the sheeple all concerned about, you can be sure of that. Behold! Biased news in extremis! LOL Without question, George Bush's finest hour, and worthy of resurection now more than ever. FOXNews.com - U.S. & World - Human Bone Fragments Found at WTC Site

Oct. 27, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Real George W. Bush

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Real George W. Bush" Ninety percent of Americans believe the Bush administration is guilty of illegal or unethical behavior in the CIA leak case. Where does that leave our president? cont.....

Memorable Quotes from the Dubya White House

Rumours are circulating among high-level Western leaders that the Iran has been at work on what is darkly hinted to be the ultimate weapon: a doomsday device. Intelligence sources traced the site of the top secret project to the perpetually fog-shrouded wasteland below the Arctic peaks of the Zhokhov Islands. What they were building or why it should be located in such a remote and desolate place no one could say."

Judy Miller "Panties down" poll

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AlterNet: Rights and Liberties: "Treat Them Like Dogs"

Spit On Them! Posted by: Mycos on Oct 27, 2005 5:23 PM You all heard the old stories about the anti-war protesters during the Vietnam war? Well, it turns out that the only documented case of anyone spitting on someone else at these confrontations was a vet spitting on a "hippie". All the rest are "well, I heard from a guy who's brother was in the army that...blah, blah, blah. Turns out that was an early version of "swift-boating" in American political rhetoric. Anyhow! We have soldiers returning from Abu Ghraib and Gitmo who, although they may be under orders not to say anything about what they saw or did, are in fact enabling in the torture of human beings who have never been convicted of anything. They are torturers. They are scum. They are the type of vermin who deserve no respect whatsoever. They deserve to be spat upon the moment anyone learns they served at GITMO. "Hey. You served at GITMO?" Launch a "Civilian Rocket". A big fucking horkie in the face. Do it!"

Oct. 26, 2005

Quality Salvation at a Price You Can Afford (Easy Payment Plan Available)

A Very Special Prayer Request from Father O'Blivion 'We are at a point of great crisis in American History. President Bush needs our prayers more than ever. Since our annointed leader is on such close personal terms with God, it is only fitting that his true place is one of honor at God's side. Therefore, I humbly ask you to offer your daily prayers that Mr. Bush may be called to his heavenly reward at His earliest possible convenience.'"

CBC Edmonton - Families of murdered Mounties want tougher sentences for serious crimes

Strange how a few generations of "It's illegal so it's wrong", " It's wrong and so there must be a law against it", "Only with a law against it will any problem associated with it's use go away"..... kinds of propaganda falsehoods can make a family who has already lost a son to the prohibition effort not see that by repeating the same nonsense they are ensuring that someone eles kid gets killed in the black market created by prohibition. Mycos~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CBC Edmonton - Families of murdered Mounties want tougher sentences for serious crimes: "Families of murdered Mounties want tougher sentences for serious crimes cont.......

Oct. 25, 2005

Donald Rumsfeld to Profit Big Time From Tamilflu Sales

Donald Rumsfeld to Profit Big Time So those 20 million doses the government has authorized will cost US Taxpayers 2 BILLION dollars. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will likely profit handsomely from the announcement the government is purchasing $2 billion of Tamiflu, the drug developed by Gilead Sciences when Rumsfeld was president of the company. He is reported to hold major portions of stock in Gilead Not very different from his previous experience with aspartame where he was president of Searle and was able to get asparatame approved after being blocked by the FDA for more than a decade. Now I think very few of us would mind if this drug actually worked and prevented even a few people from dying. But does it do that? Not really. About all anyone can expect from this drug is that it might make the symptoms a bit less severe. On the downside (aside from setting you back $100) Dr. Tenpenny explained in her Flu Tele Clinic last week Tamiflu can actually cause the virus to mutate into a more dangerous and potent viral strain. Yesterday US Congress asked Roche, the maker of Tamiflu to suspend its patent and have others make it because they could not likely keep up with the demand, but of course Roche refused saying Tamiflu is hard to make and it would take another company three years to "get up to speed". What they were really saying is they could care less about the public, what their primary focus on was to not share their windfall profits mandated by the US Congress.

Oct. 24, 2005

Miers Firm Received Bush Campaign Payments

Hmmm. Very interesting. Sounds like the beginnings of a very explosive scandal, and possibly the one that breaks the ca,camels back....finally. Geezus! I am amazed at how much corruption, cronyism, war crimes, treasonous behavior.....everything that one office can possibly do, yet that one slice of the population just refuses to see it as wrong in this guy. It's rather an interesting phenomenon in itself and one that I'd like to investigate further. But that would entail having us all live with it in the meantime, and that, of course, is simply not acceptable. Mycos~ Miers Firm Received Bush Campaign Payments: By FRANK BASS The Associated Press Friday, October 21, 2005; 8:04 PM WASHINGTON -- George W. Bush's rising political fortunes provided a windfall for Harriet Miers' law firm. Campaign records show Bush's Texas gubernatorial campaigns paid Miers a total of $163,000 in legal fees, most of it for work done during the future president's 1998 re-election bid."

Oct. 23, 2005

Secret MoD poll: Iraqis support attacks on British troops

Secret MoD poll: Iraqis support attacks on British troops By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent (Filed: 23/10/2005) Millions of Iraqis believe that suicide attacks against British troops are justified, a secret military poll commissioned by senior officers has revealed. The poll, undertaken for the Ministry of Defence and seen by The Sunday Telegraph, shows that up to 65 per cent of Iraqi citizens support attacks and fewer than one per cent think Allied military involvement is helping to improve security in their country. It demonstrates for the first time the true strength of anti-Western feeling in Iraq after more than two and a half years of bloody occupation. The nationwide survey also suggests that the coalition has lost the battle to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, which Tony Blair and George W Bush believed was fundamental to creating a safe and secure country. cont......

The Bush Administration ( in a few words)

After more than a year of research, filtering through hundreds of hours of footage and blogs, the 'Rove's War' double DVD set weighs in at 150+ minutes of Red Meat for those that want to know exactly where, when, what and who pulled treasonous crimes - as we shred media propaganda and rumors, and expose the Truth. Showcasing the Downing Street Minutes hearing and Joe Wilson's testimony, 'Rove's War' weaves the tale of how Valerie Plame's outing can be traced to Saudi ties with the Bush Family and Administration, exposes breathtaking corruption in both the CIA, Pentagon and State Department leading to a War based on intentionally faulty, cherry picked intelligence by rogue elements in the Bush corner. The story includes how the White House Iraq Group or 'WHIG' conspired while supplying lies, dodges, and obfuscations, with the goal of filling Halliburton's coffers while destroying the section of the CIA that was in search of actual weapons of mass destruction, who was spying on the Saudis. There's more to the outing of Plame than meets the eye. Rove's War explores the relationships between Dick Cheney and John Bolton, Judith Miller and Scooter Libby, Bolton's thugs and their internal battle against the State Department, George Tenet rolling over for Bush and Cheney, concealing the proof that there was no Iraq nuclear capability from the public since 1991 -- proof provided long before Bush sent our troops to die for his own purposes. They all knew there were no nukes in Iraq for more than 20 years. You'll find out how they blew Plame's undercover status in the Brewster and Jennings Company to protect the Saudi ARAMCO oil company -- known for one of their subsidiaries actually named an oil tanker 'Condoleeza Rice' -- which many in the Bush administration have an interest. The outing wasn't just to punish Joe Wilson, it was meant to send a message to other other whistleblowers. A shockwave radiated through the CIA and spies all over the world, putting hundreds of lives at risk, on just a political whim." cont......