Feb. 25, 2006

A Short List (Very Short!) Of Bush's Mistakes?

AlterNet: Who's Counting Bush's Mistakes?: "Who's Counting Bush's Mistakes? By Stephen Pizzo, News for Real. Posted February 20, 2006. Given how ambitious and wide-ranging the incompetence of this administration has been, it's high time we started keeping track of its many failures."

Feb. 23, 2006

Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'

When is it going to become clear to the rest of you that Bush intends to declare martial law (or at least behave as if it were in place anyhow) and start locking up anyone who disagrees with his drive for world dominance as is spelled out in the PNAC document penned by several of those in his administration. Wake up!!! We are approaching fascism so fast that people are apparently in a state of shock....disbelief that any American, nevertheless the President....would do such a thing. But that's what they have calculated on, and so far at least, appear to have calculated correctly. Wake up!!! mycos~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AlterNet: Rights and Liberties: Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs': "Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs' By Nat Parry, Consortium News. Posted February 23, 2006. Is the Pentagon building U.S.-based prison camps for Muslim immigrants? Evidence points to the possibility. Also in Rights and Liberties The Perpetual Surveillance Society George Monbiot The Life and Death of Public Records Terry Allen Bringing an End to Illegal Wiretaps Onnesha Roychoudhuri They Keep on Knocking But They Can't Come In Jean Butterfield More on Blacks and Immigration Earl Ofari Hutchinson Not that George W. Bush needs much encouragement, but Sen. Lindsey Graham suggested to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales a new target for the administration's domestic operations -- Fifth Columnists, supposedly disloyal Americans who sympathize and collaborate with the enemy. 'The administration has not only the right, but the duty, in my opinion, to pursue Fifth Column movements,' Graham, R-S.C., told Gonzales during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Feb. 6. 'I stand by this president's ability, inherent to being commander in chief, to find out about Fifth Column movements, and I don't think you need a warrant to do that,' Graham added, volunteering to work with the administr"

Resist the War On Terror

The Danish association ‘Rebellion’ appeals to all European movements for democracy and international solidarity to join it in challenging national anti-terrorist legislations, the ‘terrorist list’ of the European Union, and the so-called ‘international war on terror’. Through present anti-terrorist legislation, European states have attempted to curb the freedom of expression and the political rights of their citizens, including their right to extend moral and material support to resistance and liberation movements. In the past year ‘Rebellion’ has publicly, and in direct conflict with Danish anti-terrorism legislation, transferred substantial funds to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). An important criterion for our choice of organizations is that they seek to further secular, democratic, and humanist goals. The Danish Ministry of Justice and police authorities have as yet not raised criminal charges against ‘Rebellion’. In order to further such a step, both the Colombian ambassador to the Nordic countries and vice-president Santos have had talks with officials from the Ministry of Justice and the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen. We appeal to other European organizations to join us in a continuing challenge to European anti-terrorist legislation and the ‘terrorist list’ of the European Union. We envisage the following elements in the campaign: -Collection of funds within each country with list of those willing to stand forward as signatories. It would be inadvisable to open accounts, as these may be subject to seizure. -A goal of at least 100 signatories and at least 1000 Euro within each participating country should be set. Involving prominent citizens in the initiative would be of great advantage. -Publication of the initiative within each country when these goals are met, or at whatever time seems appropriate within the national context. -Conference of all participating organizations to be held in Copenhagen in 2006, where a collective transfer of funds to resistance and liberation movements is announced. -Publication of a conference manifesto on the so-called ‘war on terror’, reiterating solidarity with the international struggle against illegitimate state power and foreign occupation. We hope that this appeal will be welcomed by your organization, and that the initiative will be taken up and developed in as daring a manner as possible within each national context. The association ‘Rebellion’ can be contacted at following postal address: Foreningen Opror C/O Blaagaardens Medborgerhus Blaagaards Plads 3 2200 Copenhagen N Denmark, Or at opror@linuxmail.org Our website is at www.opror.net _____

Feb. 21, 2006

Divestment From Israel In Its Fifth Year: A History and Method for US and European Activists By Eyad Kishawi

Divestment From Israel In Its Fifth Year: A History and Method for US and European Activists By Eyad Kishawi: "Divestment From Israel In Its Fifth Year: A History and Method for US and European Activists By Eyad Kishawi Al-Jazeerah, January 19, 2006 Introduction The purpose of this article is to introduce the notion of Divestment from Israel to activists involved in Palestine work and equip others who are well versed in the topic with tools that can systematically advance the struggle against the Apartheid State of Israel, who is in turn a proxy of US imperialism. We start from the assumption that victory is an accumulation of incremental successes and that a systematic approach is necessary to maintain a positive trend of accumulation. We assert a discourse that is consistent with the objective of dismantling the exclusionary-racist structures of Israel, and then we propose a sector-based approach to tactically proliferate the discourse. We end with a “cookbook” for launching a divestment movement in different contexts. "