Oct. 24, 2004

GOP Tricksters Con College Students into Registering Republican

Capitol Hill Blue: GOP Tricksters Con College Students into Registering Republican: "GOP Tricksters Con College Students into Registering Republican By DENNIS B. RODDY Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Oct 24, 2004, 06:16 Email this article Printer friendly page Scores of college students in Pennsylvania and Oregon have had their voting registrations switched by teams of Republican canvassers circulating bogus petitions and, in some cases, partially concealed voter registration forms students were requested to sign. The canvassers have visited campuses asking students to sign petitions advocating lower auto insurance rates, medical marijuana or stricter rape laws, according to elections officials. After signing their names, the students were pressured into registering with the Republican Party by being told that their signatures otherwise would be invalid, or they were asked to fill out the signature and address portions of blank voter registration forms as proof of citizenship. In multiple instances, students already registered to vote have had their registrations changed without their consent, elections officials said yesterday. Petition canvassers in Pennsylvania apparently did not identify themselves, although one told a University of Pittsburgh student that he was being paid by the Republican Party." Continued......

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