Nov. 11, 2004

Ashcroft's Reign of Terror Comes to an End

Capitol Hill Blue: Ashcroft's Reign of Terror Comes to an End: "Ashcroft's Reign of Terror Comes to an End By DOUG THOMPSON Nov 10, 2004, 06:58 From the time he took the oath of office as Attorney General of the United States, John Ashcroft declared war on the Constitution and freedom as we know it in the United States. President George W. Bush capitulated to the rabid, right-wing of the Republican Party by appointing Ashcroft, a bible-thumping zealot from Missouri who holds a narrow, ultra-conservative moralistic view of the world. Ashcroft showed his true colors from day one, ordering drapes for nude statues in the Justice Building of Washington. His prudishness came as no surprise for long-time Ashcroft watchers. As Missouri attorney general, Ashcroft often put his own extremist beliefs over the law, threatening to prosecute business who opened on Sunday even after a statewide voter referendum overturned the state's archaic 'blue laws' that forced retail establishments to close on the Seventh Day." Continued...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One down, 4 more to go........

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