Dec. 21, 2004

CBC News: Release information and clear my name: Arar to Martin

" Release information and clear my name: Arar to Martin Last Updated Mon, 20 Dec 2004 21:50:47 EST OTTAWA - A Canadian who spent time in a Syrian jail is accusing the federal government of withholding information from an inquiry because it reflects well on him. Maher Arar spoke at a news conference in Ottawa Monday afternoon, protesting the government's 'editing' of a summary from a federal inquiry. The inquiry is examining what role Canadian police and security organizations played in his deportation to Syria in October 2002. Maher Arar (CP photo) 'We are learning that CSIS [the Canadian Security Intelligence Service] played a major role in what happened,' said Arar. Arar, a Syrian-Canadian, was detained in New York City by U.S. officials on his way back from a vacation in Tunisia. They deported him to Syria, claiming he had links to al-Qaeda. Arar returned to Canada about a year later, claiming he had been tortured." continued...

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