Dec. 31, 2004

In the Wake Of the Tsunami, the Vultures Begin to Circle

Didn't take 'em long, did it? from, the people who would, strangely, presume to inform you that "Giving these predatory monsters our money and a new relief mission is tantamount to giving them a new license to rape and pillage people who need love and compassion." As long as the UN exists, "it will siphon off vast amounts of money, manpower and resources that might otherwise accomplish some good." No matter what horrors the United Nations perpetrates on innocent people, there is no accountability, no punishment, no consequence. That's why it is inevitable that we will only create new victims of this global monstrosity by sending more relief money to the UN. What did the United Nations do to these guys that would incur such hatred, such venom? And what do I do with my aid contributions? They've got an opinion on that too... Missionaries! Yes! RightMarch feels that those damned "furrriners" at the UN, those no-goodniks who would deign to hold the United States accountable for things that only tyrannical despots like Idi Amin would do; things like torture, war crimes, aggressive war, etc., would just pocket your money! So they have just the right place for your money. in fact they've even sent out the ollowing: ALERT: We've found what is probably the best way to help victims of last week's killer tsunami -- and it does NOT involve corrupt organizations like the United Nations. Please give now: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Imagine my surprise when I looked further into the site where I would be sending my aid dollars and saw this: "The Advancing Native Missions Organization (ANM) exists for one purpose: to help take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world̢۪s remaining unreached peoples. We do this by standing behind 3,500 indigenous or native missionaries who are reaching their own people in more than 60 countries of the world." Well....I don't know what to say..... Not a Relief organization like UNICEF or Red Cross/Crescent? what? Why? And why their tirade against UN aid efforts? What's the connection here? And then it dawns on me. RightMarch! Neo-cons. Haliburton! Of course. That's Haliburton's job isn't it? To rebuild nations that have been flattened by flood, war and....and.... well... that's good enough! Damned UN is cutting Halliburtons grass! -- Gary Williams ......Taking bets on the first day that we see a no-bid contract go to Halliburton (Kellogg, Brown & know the guys? Whitehouse? Ring any bells?) -- Gary Williams

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