Jan. 15, 2005

Armstrong Williams: I Am Not Alone

Armstrong Williams: I Am Not Alone David Corn January 10, 2004

Armstrong Williams: I'm Not the Only One

I had the guilty pleasure of being able to go on Fox News this weekend and join the pile-on atop Armstrong Williams. In leaping upon the scandal-struck right-wing commentator, I was accompanied by Tony Snow and Linda Chavez. But the real treat came when I encountered Williams in the green room after the show. He acknowledged he had messed up, but he told me he was not the only conservative pundit who has taken money from the Bush gang. He would not, however, reveal names. Below is how I wrote up this scooplet for my "Capital Games" column at www.thenation.com. And if you've already seen this column at that site, scroll down for a look at Williams' odd approach to job interviews.



-- Gary Williams

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