Jan. 30, 2005

Halliburton may ditch Iraq deal

"Halliburton may not submit new bids to provide US troops with logistical support in Iraq if the US army decides to break up its current contract.

The US Army confirmed reports it is considering the break-up of the deal, thought to be worth $13bn (�7.3bn).

It added the firm would be allowed to rebid if the contract is cancelled.

But Halliburton chief executive Dave Lesar said that a fresh bid would depend on how many separate pieces emerged from the contract break-up.

The US Army is now considering which parts of the multibillion-dollar logistics contract awarded to Halliburton to feed, house, and operate services for troops could go to competitive bid.

Charges concerns

The company has been accused of overcharging since it was handed the no-bid contract last year.

US Vice-President Dick Cheney headed the firm until he took office in 2001.

He has, however, denied that this has led to preferential treatment for the firm."


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