Jan. 23, 2005

The "Terminator"?

Ambassador Ditz,

AS A CANADIAN, a citizen of a fellow country which has evolved....has come to realize that Capital Punishment has no place in the world of civilized men and women, I ask that you pass along to the appropriate officials my desire to have Arnold Schwarzenegger (Governor of California) denounced, degraded, and subsequently expelled as a citizen of Austria.

I make this request on the grounds that Mr. Schwarzenegger, as a citizen of your country, is engaging in an act of state-sanctioned killing. Further, this takes place not in war-time nor under any special circumstances regarding "terrorism". Therefor I submit that Mr. Schwarzenegger, as an Austrian, a country which has clearly affirmed that civilized men do not engage in such actions, has turned his back on you, your country, and your most sacred ideals.

I place the suggestion at your feet that such behaviour does not befit an Austrian. I would further suggest that Austria should not be seen to be "proud" of such an individual. Therefore, it is in Austria's best interest to distance itself from any further affiliation with individuals who proscribe capital punishment. Austria's own history is all to clear about the shame such an association is capable of creating.

Thank you for any further consideration you may give my appeal. It is important to myself but it is much more important to history and to the evolution of civilization itself that you give my request more than passing notice.

With Great Respect,

Gary D. Williams


Gary Williams

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