Apr. 15, 2005

Bush Administration Publishing Criminal "Newscasts"

News Fraud

The White House is infiltrating local news broadcasts with taxpayer-funded covert propaganda. At least 20 federal agencies have produced and distributed fake news stories touting Bush administration policies. Last Friday, the Bush administration told government agencies to keep on producing the bogus broadcasts -- even after Congress' Government Accountability Office declared these 'video news releases' to be illegal.

Together we forced an investigation of pundits on the government payroll. With your help, we can force Congress, the Federal Communications Commission and local broadcasters to crack down on covert propaganda and keep fake news off the air.

Once you've signed the petition, Free Press will let you know in the coming weeks about others in your area working to forge 'citizen agreements' with local TV stations to ensure broadcasters always identify their sources.

To learn more, read the in-depth report from Free Press on the systematic effort by the Bush administration to manipulate journalists and the American public."

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