Jun. 13, 2005

Stop Canada/US Integration !

Unless you anadians want to be subject to the Patriot Act, stop this bullshit NOW!!! Use any means neccesary! NOW!!!
But first, sign the petition.


Despite the fact that most Canadians want LESS integration with the United States under Bush, not more, this plan and the process of deep integration are unfortunately well underway. The Canadian government has already:

* Created a Canada-U.S.-Mexico task force headed by former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister John Manley which is devising a plan to establish a continent-wide customs union with a common approach to trade, energy, immigration, law enforcement and security that would virtually eliminate existing national borders. The task force released its recommendations for common North American security etc May 17/18 2005.
* Created a bi-national military planning group (2002), soon expected to release a report recommending how the two countries' militaries can 'work together more effectively to counter land-based and maritime threats.' (See also: Deadline looms on continental defence project)[/quote]
* Signed the Canada-U.S. Smart Border Declaration which includes such points as shared customs data, a safe third-country agreement, harmonized commercial processing, etc. (see link for full list)[/quote]
* Established the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and agreed to harmonize Canadian regulations with U.S. regulations under the 40-Point Smart Regulation Action Plan"

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