Sep. 17, 2005

NOLA Slideshow

NOLA Slideshow New Orleans Slideshow by: mrboma September 10, 2005 at 12:32:41 America/Los_Angeles I just got done watching THIS SLIDESHOW with captions, made by a New Orleans resident, and it has left me puzzled. Why? Well it seems to support much of what the administration has been saying. It seems to support the notion that many in New Orleans did, in fact, chose to stay. It shows the streets dry on the morning after, and very little damage in many places, supporting the "dodged a bullet" meme. It shows looting before the flooding (not scavenging, but looting). The flooding came on the 3rd day, after many thought the worst was over. But I think the slideshow reveals the views of a white resident in a rich part of town, which rode out the storm better than other areas. And I think that is the view the administration took: the rich white folks are fine, so New Orleans is fine. Watch the slideshow and tell me what you think. mrboma :: New Orleans Slideshow

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Mycos said...


A) probably worked at more than one job (he mentioned that the first pictures were taken on the way to his “morning job,” which implies that he may have another job in the evenings or some such - which, IMO, doesn’t make him a rich classist, but rather a working slob classist)

The only reference to friends were the ones with a boss who owns the sports car, and of course the dear, dear friend who thoughtfully left his entire fleet of vehicles at his disposal should he ever need to make a break for it.

B) he probably isn’t “white” considering he repeatedly* refers to being from Nicaragua and his family there (which doesn’t mean he isn’t racist, but does seem to undermine the whole “another racist, rich, white guy” theory as to the reasons behind his unintelligent comments…which goes to prove once again, IMO, that being an idiot isn’t limited by class, race, ethnicity, or gender….).

* Twice? Except there was a picture in the bunch which showed him to be white. At best( worst?) he could have passed for Latino, but if that is the case, I'm willing to bet that he is not of the a "Chavista" class. He certainly didn't have any trouble convincing the cops in NOLA that he should be left to his own devices. Not what I'd expect had he come across as a farm laborer who sends his pesos back to his starving family.