Nov. 16, 2005

Bush Gang Swore Saddam Was Behind 9/11 In Lawsuit

This is possibly one of the best accounts I've yet read detailing how America has been hijacked for no better rreason than to serve the interests of a small circle of American "warlords" (for lack of a better expression). Read this article, then look at the motives the PNAC exponents; combine this with Wolfowitz and Perles obligations to Zionism..... and every move taken by this administration is explained fully. There is no need to look any further. Mycos~ Bush Gang Swore Saddam Was Behind 9/11 In Lawsuit By Evelyn Pringle 11/16/05 'ICH ' -- -- Much to the dismay of President Bush, Americans can remember all on their own, without any coaching from Democrats, that in the run up to war in Iraq, it was top official from the administration who were making the claim that Saddam was in cahoots with bin Laden and that he was secretly involved to 9/11. "

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