Nov 20, 2005

Ex-Cellmate Says al-Zarqawi Was Tortured

And American troops, believing their leaders when they say that torture is neccesary, have no idea that they are creating more Zarqawi's. I have no doubt that the psychopathic hatred that has consumed Zarqawi stems in large part from his having been tortured. Torture makes the mind snap. It creates hate. America..... by adopting such tactics.... is in fact creating it's own enemies; perhaps even it's own downfall by this behaviour. Mycos~ By TANALEE SMITH, Associated Press Writer AMMAN, Jordan - A man once imprisoned with Iraq's most feared terror leader said Sunday that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was tortured regularly by Jordanian prison officials in the late 1990s and was held for six months in solitary confinement." cont......

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