Jan. 17, 2006


Write to Lunarpages.com and ask them not to shut down domagojmargetic.com Please writte to US company Lunarpages.com and ask them not to shut down web site of croatian journalist and publicist Domagoj Margetic – www.domagojmargetic.com from their servers. Ask them not to act on the ICTY order to shut down Margetic's web site, but to stand up for press and Internet freedoms and freedom of speach. Ask them to support and continue to provide servers for domagojmargetic.com, which is first prohibited web site in Croatia. Their e mail is: support@lunarpages.com and their web site is www.lunarpages.com. Thank you for your help! UPI Intelligence Watch By JOHN C.K. DALY UPI International Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 16 (UPI) The International Tribunal for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law Committed in the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia since 1991, more commonly referred to as the "International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia" or "ICTY," has issued an injunction to the California-based server and host www.lunarpages.com. The court wants it to remove Croatian journalist Domagoj Margetic's Web site postings of 1997 secret testimony by a protected witness, Croatian President Stipe Mesic, during the ICTY trial of former Bosnian Croat general Tihomir Blaskic. Mesic gave the testimony while he was an opposition politician. In 2005 the ICTY court based in The Hague charged Margetic with contempt of court for publishing the testimony. The saga began last Wednesday when Margetic first posted Mesic's testimony on his Web site, www.domagojmargetic.com. on a Zagreb-based server. The next day police official Marijan Benko said that the police were ordered to block the audio recording of the testimony posted on the Web site and the Zagreb county court issued an order to close it down. HINA news agency reported Croatian Interior Ministry spokesman Zlatko Mehun said that acting on the judge's order the Zagreb crime police also searched the host computer and its components. Margetic then shifted his material to the California-based host. Zagreb's Vjecernji List reported that Margetic said, "I believe that the United States will prevent the U.N. war crimes tribunal from trampling on basic press freedoms. The ball is now in America's court. I believe that as a journalist the United States will not allow this assault on freedom of information to happen." Domagoj Margetic croatian journalist, publicist, columnist ICTY indictee www.domagojmargetic.com

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