Mar. 19, 2006

'America at the Crossroads,' by Francis Fukuyama

'America at the Crossroads,' by Francis Fukuyama - New York Times: "Supporter's Voice Now Turns on Bush By MICHIKO KAKUTANI Published: March 14, 2006 'America at the Crossroads' serves up a powerful indictment of the Bush administration's war in Iraq and the role that neoconservative ideas — concerning preventive war, benevolent hegemony and unilateral action — played in shaping the decision to go to war, its implementation and its aftermath. These arguments are made all the more devastating by the fact that the author, Francis Fukuyama, was once a star neoconservative theorist himself, who studied with or was associated with leading neoconservative luminaries like Paul D. Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Albert Wohlstetter and Allan Bloom, and whose best-selling 1992 book, 'The End of History and the Last Man,' was celebrated (and denounced) as a classic neoconservative text on the end of the cold war and the global march of liberal democracy."

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