Sep. 3, 2006


JPPics - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting This video has accompanying dialogue describing firefighters who felt it was going to collapse. Obviously there was something about the structure that to their trained eyes appeared structurally unsound. Why then is there any need to have explosives be any part of the collapse? Why are firefighters even trying to save the building if they are in on it? I have also read about 36,000 gallons of kerosene stored in tanks just underneath the building, and another 6,000 gallon tank stored on the second floor. Judging by the way the penthouse collapses first, It appears there is a point of collapse within the building prior to the general collapse. I suggest that that weakening of the 2nd floor due the fire caused by the rupture and fire of the bottom larger tank caused the upper tank to plummet through to the bottom, destroying supports on its way. This prehearted kerosene would land, split and splash preheated kerosene out into pre-existing flames and heat wityh enough explosive force to briong down the already weakened building. It is not insignificant that these tanks are not mentioned on any site that promotes the explosive theory.

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