Nov. 2, 2006

Uncivil Wars: David Horowitz Capitulates To His Racial Impulses

FrontPage :Uncivil Warriors : To give the reader an idea of how extreme Whorowitz is, I'll paraphrase some of his own attack on a man who likely represents everything that he thinks is wrong in America -- a black Harvard professor. "The statement that Ogletree said America is responsible for every statistical deficit experienced by African Americans and that these oppressions are as evident today as they were more than three hundred years ago, would seem to qualify as a lie. Well. Contrary to Zerowits statement that the United States did not inflict 350 years of suffering on blacks, the fact that slaves were here long before the first slave auction in 1655 leaves little doubt that the history of America has always included the specter of slavery. To try and blame pre-Revolutionary War slavery on the British is a disingenuous game of semantics. Using the Limpwitz revision technique of historical interpretation, the British or also the authors of the Constitution! But it gets worse. "The United States was created only 226 years ago and slavery existed for only 78 years from the signing of the Constitution to the emancipation. To include in this indictment, as Ogletree does, the two centuries when slavery was an institution of the British empire, betrays an astonishing indifference to political events (like war and revolution) and to political principles, and indicates instead an animus against all the non-black inhabitants of this continent that one can reasonably conclude is racial. If drawing this conclusion is 'overstatement,' so be it" Overstatement? That's a nonsense statement! WTF is our little fascist-wannabe trying to say here? That Britain ruled America for 200 of the last 350 years? To make such an inference then turn around and blame Ogletree for it is to leave absolutely no doubt about the racist intentions of our little right-wing whore. Clearly he is lacking in many areas of social development, but I'm certain a little "tune-up", a lesson that will he will never forget would be one that we can all benefit greatly from.

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