Dec. 25, 2006

The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

BUSTED - The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters Including insights into the sadistic right-wing mind and how it will likely react to works. Plus Thankfully sociologists are increasingly identifying as an illness or disorder now gone species-wide. AS fantastic as such a disorder might seem, when one stops to consider that man is an animal born with genetically motivated predispositions evolved in an environment that has changed so radically as to barely exist, all in the last few thousand years. When one considers how the genetic codes evolved in genes that predispose our social behaviours to work within the environment we spent a few, relatively static, million years socializing with. Because all socially dependant animals have evolved "ethics"; behavioural codes that balance the individual survival impulses of ones own genetic pool with competing drives like the need to benefit the overall health and welfare of ones social group. Keeping the "clan" healthy enough to maximize the hunt, or vital enough to stay alert to predators are also behaviours known as 'ethical' or even "selfless". But today, reciprocal-altruism (a more apt term) is seen as somehow being of a higher standard than what is generally deemed necessary for survival. That such behaviours, although merely an expression of a genetic predisposition common to all socially dependant animals, are now seen as being "a cut above" the normal, is surely due to it's stark contrast against that of another gene expression. This other is the result of our artificially created environment where natures restricting influences no longer interact with the genetic predispositions evolved over millions of years to deal with an environment that restricted some of the excesses we think are natural behaviours today. This "runaway" genetic drive will unfortunately lead to continued wars and misery, if not our eventual extinction. Environmental limitations that made hoarding anti-social and impractical once had balance with "group" genetic adaptions. They had reached a comfortable equilibrium. Now, a reliance on strangers, our division into roles or "jobs" as an actual identity, the hoarding by class/caste cultures, ALL have been unleashed on a species not at all ready mentally to have the wisdom to adapt to the new requirements of surplus food and technologies of power over matter and mankind. The altruism necessary to subvert hoarding behaviours will require conscious manipulation of the genome. Now social disparities exists with wealth and power distinctions so massive as to be classified as insane. Privileges are allotted without any bearing on those individuals usefulness to mans overall health, mental well-being or species longevity. Somehow, mercantilism is a skill judged as among, if not THE, highest state of being man can hope to attain. Such a perverse view of man is similar to other states of mind we have passed through. Cannibalism and paedophilia both saw their turn as a cultural acceptable behaviour, just as we now accept the "right-wing" as cultural norm, it to shall hopefully pass into the garbage-bin of historical role-playing. But as it stands now, many believe it to simply be a natural development; an opinion along the spectrum of ideological behaviours and views. It is not. What we have come to call the "right-wing" can now can be seen in it's entirety. The Internet "porthole" into lives usually unseen due to our habit of seeking like-minded individuals, has now shown us what would have taken hundreds of studies, decades of rebuttals, with a counter-push from the right when evidence begins to show their presence among us as a manifestation of a culturally induced genetic "disorder" or severe maladaption syndrome. Their penchant to use mere opinion in place of fact, emotionalism as reason, and still the use of mythology in place of science...sometimes merely to sidestep embarrassment if it should present itself, all these are apparently perfectly rational justification for the insertion of lies and false realities, apparently for the simple reason that it is more comfortable to believe than certain truths about our existence as a species here on Earth. And so it behooves us to admit to ourselves the hard fact that vast numbers of our fellows are pathological to any society. More importantly, they are a disease to the species...and to our very existence a cancer; the body of mankind is compelled by life itself to proceed with an excision, either through gene "therapy" or our social manipulations, ones that lead to a wilful self-termination. As violence-prone as they are, this last possibility isn't as hard to accomplish as one might think on first glance. Indeed, nature already seems to be working out ways to reduce the abundance of the self-only genetic profile by using their own lack of empathy to lead them into wars. Wars are of course the very place where the battlefield maxim "Know Your Enemy" is a talent of necessity, yet such a task is so alien to them that they are sure to have massive casualties in all the wars they all seem determined to fight, wars they insist on continuing to lose due the lack of any desire to "know ones enemy". Ironic in the extreme......

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