Jan. 19, 2007

Mr. Milgrams Children

The following "hystorical analysis" of the war in Iraq is exceeded only by the level of astounding ignorance about the previous wars America found itself in. Fighting the ignorance of such men will reduce the stubbornly high numbers of such followers. But I dare anyone to explain the logic or rationale in saying that somehow a fight in one country keeps fights and attacks from happening in America. Please explain the cause and effect behind the strategy this man keeps telling others is one that's grounded in sanity. Of course, explaining why people believe it is the basis of Milgram's "Obedience To Authority" study that showed a frightening tendency for otherwise sane people to separate their own mind from their morals simply by learning an authority figure gave the order to act otherwise. Mycos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All the President is Saying is "Give War" a Chance John Peter Muhlenberg distinguished himself in the Revolutionary War rising to the rank of Major General. After the United States won their independence from Great Britain, Muhlenberg continued to serve his country first as a congressman and then as a senator from his home state of Pennsylvania. John's brother, Frederick Muhlenberg, also a minister, chastised his brother for going to war and urging others to follow his lead. However, when the British occupied New York, Frederick joined realized war was the only path to peace and he joined his brother in the Colonial army, distinguishing himself in several battles and ultimately becoming the first Speaker of the House of the U.S. Congress. Like the Muhlenberg brothers, President Bush knows there is now only one way to achieve peace and stability in Iraq. The determined enemy we face must be defeated and held at bay long enough for the newly formed Iraqi Government to reach a political solution to the sectarian violence that is threatening to tear the new nation apart.

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