Feb. 22, 2007

More Conservative Lies For Conservative Morons To Prove How Life begins Where Their Influence Ends

Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies by Gregory Jackson - Google SearchClaim: It is uncertain when human life begins; therefore it’s a religious question, not a scientific one. Response: It is an undisputed biological scientific fact that human life begins at conception.

Scientifically life begins at conception.…this new, unique, human creation is a defined sex and is alive, complete and growing….
Lie. The sex of the fetus upon fertilization has nothing in, on or about it that would distinguish it from a cell scraped from another part of the body. In fact, the scrapings would be more complex, more like the human being from which it had at least become an identifiable cell with a role to play; this in contrast to the haploid cell or egg (only half the DNA of donor body) that is then infrequently paired with a similarly haploid sperm cell the male offers, with most cells being washed out during the period, many of them being fully fertilized cells that "God" apparently decided were unworthy of becoming a developing fetus by not allowing it time to become attached to the ovum, which must then make any human so aborted one done by God himself. Conception is actually nothing more than the penetration of the female gamete or haploid cell with its male counterpart, a sperm cell. These two separate, half-cells each have a half-nuclei that remain separate after the cells have then rejoined for a time afterwards. These two nuclei eventually integrate into one whole set of uncombined DNA, split apart into two recombined but half-cells again, join again to make fully separate as well as complete sets of DNA which occupy only one cell however. This then splits into separate cells, which continue the process undifferentiated for some time further again. Now. Where in their did a baby come into the picture...when did life begin? Both cells were living cells despite their lack of the full compliment of genes even before fertilization. Still dead tho? How about after the parent cells combined but before the DNA has? Or when the DNA combines into separte halves making a complete compliment of genes, yet still haven't recombined to make the unique set that will eventually become the signature of any baby that might proceed from a succesful pregnacy devoid of any miscarriages or Holy Abortions as you must presume them to be? Or how about once these cells division begin to start the differentiation process well into pregnacywhen only then do they start to have the difining characteristics of nerve cells, skin cells, etc. but as yet still no brain, heart or limb cells? Or is it when the sex has been determined by the mothers hormonal secretions even later into the pregnancy? Or perhaps when the first braincell makes it's way into the bulb that will eventually become a head? When the first brain cell fires a human signal into a human set of cells perhaps?
The new developing baby has the same 46 human chromosomes he or she will have until death…
. Not at fertilization, i.e conception. Bernard Nathanson, a former abortionist who was personally responsible for 75,000 abortions…in the New England Journal of Medicine…[Nathanson} admitted he has come to know life begins at conception. “There is no longer serious doubt in my mind,” he wrote, “that human life exists from the very onset of pregnancy.” A sperm cell is identifiable as a living human cell. That does not make it a human life. Of the 8 undifferentiated cells that appear some time after fertilization has been successful in causingMieosis and mitosis to create this complete set of chromosomes, if one or seven are taken away, they are all identical to the remaining cell. Are there then 8 babies, 16 ---32 ----64 babies living in the mothers womb? Would removal of 4 be murder of four babies, even though the remainders will go on unaffected due their nature as "stem cells"? The sacred protection of life should be the final word on this topic. The United States Declaration of Independence affirms that the first and most sacred right is the right to “life.”… No human being should be discriminated against based on his or her stage of development, place of residence (inside the womb), or arbitrary notion of “when life begins.” If you have a Had dozen chicken eggs in an omelet dor breakfast, are you lying you tell someone you ate a small flock of chickens that morning? Of course you are, just as eating a bag of acorns doesn't make you a devourer of forests. You are simply a liar Jackson.

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