Mar 4, 2007

The Strange and Dishonest Campaign Against Academic Freedom By David Horowitz

Horowitz.... I sometimes wonder if he really is so dull as to believe the things he says, or whether he thinks himself so crafty that he can slip bullshit through the faculty of universities as easily as he does the empty shells that make up his much-needed radical-right echo-chamber at FPM. After all, what kind of "conservative intellectual" (he may have actually coined the term right there) without a group of admirers? But to the meat! Dear David. Why did the three bears object to the Bill as legislation? Might it have something to do with....let me take a wild guess here...but a document of text might be rejected on the basis of something to do with the text! And I'll even venture that it wasn't the font or punctuation either. Unless it was the paper it was written on...Hmmmm. Oh well, back of the class I go. (Now what it could be...something the text conveyed perhaps?) Oh David! I think I'm on to something here this time! The Professors: Lies: The Strange and Dishonest Campaign Against Academic Freedom: "The fact remained (and it was the only fact I claimed) that while objecting later to the Bill as proposed legislation, none of the three objected to the text of the Academic Bill of Rights itself."

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