Apr. 12, 2007

Black Self-Mutilation (and no, I don't mean Micheal Jackson)

As progressive Americans continue to wonder how it could be possible for a party that spawned the likes of Jesse Helms, Dick Armey, Eugene McCarthy and dozens of others who receive accolades from cultural lepers of the David Duke,Horowitz, Limbaugh and Coulter ilk, perhaps they would do well to not help them by applyiing PC to Imus, a move that has contributed to the domination of radio with only far-right voices. For progressives, minorities, free-speech advocates, and black civil rights workers have all lost something more important than an already wealthy Don Imus' job now by screaming feelings that may have been hurt. They made it possible for Limbaugh and Elders to finally rid themselves of one of the last voices standing in the way of the rights absolute dominance of radio, a significant tool in the arsenal of cultural opinion makers. Blacks have succeeded in not only handing the rope to the lynch mob, but by helping the far-right take aim on Imus, have slipped the conservative noose over their own necks. It’s this same small-minded culture of victimization that enables a race or ethnicity to deny participation in precisely the same activities that made them victims in the first place. Israel is the perfect example of this, with the Serbs also justifying their crimes on the basis of a military defeat suffered some 500 yrs ago. Now this same sense of victimization has caused the Rutgers team to succeed in removing Imus, a man who is, by comparison to the far more offensive Limbaugh, a progressive saint. Ironically, by removing disagreeable speech…including pole-ack jokes from the airwaves, they have joined the Uncle Toms who have already decided to bend over and take whatever the WASPs slip them, believing that by doing so they have gained admittance to the Rolidex of Corporate America. Meanwhile, Coulter laughs as she goes through her “Index of Insults”, trying to think of a the best way to mock you all, hoping her “useful nappy-headed idiots” theme will be funny enough that she can consider asking even more for her appearances at right-wing hate-festivals.

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