Jul. 12, 2007

Elders and Quixote: Brothers?

Townhall.com::Moore's "Sicko" Is Sickening ::By Larry Elder
Elders and Quixote: Brothers? I read with a combination of amusement and contempt how Elder creates a communist bogeyman from which he can misrepresent socialized medicine. But there's a reason why every other nation with an economy healthy enough to do it has long ago done what is the obvious and decent thing to do. As a Canadian with a strong interest in political and economic world affairs, it is quite apparent that the difference between policies adopted by the US and other developed nations is that none of the others were subjected to level of anti-socialist propaganda the US used on it's citizenry. Perhaps they felt it necessary to keep such extremely high tax revenues flowing to the Pentagon without a lot of questions. Whatever the reason, it went on for so long that they actually came to believe their own BS! Ironically, Elders is simply allowing a different monopoly - Big Pharm- rather than one you have at least some control over - your own government, to dictate prices to you. Why shouldn't the government be allowed to send lawyers to negotiate the price that it is willing to pay for the bulk orders they would all be tripping over themselves to fill. These bulk orders are a huge prize that the pharmaceuticals will fill at reduced prices.... as Sam Walton knows and used to great effect. Yet here's Elders telling you you're lucky to be offered Third World service at First World prices. Heh! I'm sure Stalin is laughing the last laugh somewhere, watching how the exaggerated claims about the nature of socialism now has you cutting off your own nose to spite his long-dead face. Elders is part of the media Don Quixote's being paid to create giants. Unfortunately their crusade is very damaging to those who can't afford the luxury of 'tilting at windmills'.

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