Jul. 27, 2007

Right-Wing Deception of Their Own Kind

I read the MySpace article and note the same lack of perspective used by the media outlets you are claiming to watch over.
For instance, the claim by AG Blumenthal that the number of offenders has risen "exponentially" is factually incorrect. Approximately 300% is far short of a tenfold rise nevertheless a 9000-fold rise, which is the actual meaning of "exponential". One need only look at the root "exponent" to realize how drastically overstated the number is. And what would one expect from an AG looking to advance his career? Yet the media keeps asking questions of people they know will respond with sensational headlines.
How sensational? Out of 180 million profiles, only 29,000 are sexual offenders. If that was a statistic that applied to the general population...the people living next door to you and me, America would have the lowest number of sexual predators in the world. Look it up. Or does MediaChannel Matters have an agenda that isn't concerned so much with truth, but with protecting right-wing darlings of the Scaife-Ailes-Regnery ilk, peaple whose lies are being posted on MediaMatters? I think the attempt to intercept it's traffic by using a similar name tells the whole story.
Scaife! Give it up Old Man. We are Legion. And We Are Coming For YOU!
Your dollars are now as useless as PNAC's lies.

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