Jun. 20, 2008

PNAC Website Finally Down

They're finally starting to feel the breathe of those who want to make them pay for the crimes they thought they would never face....nor would they have had to had their plan for empire worked out the way it did on paper. (RAD, 2000) But being the egomaniacal bunch that they are, they didn't stop to think about how reality might intrude on their delusions of absolute power. Apparently their smart-ass comment about how they create reality came back to bite them all in the ass. PNAC was formed by the Kagans with Kristol being there from the beginning due his media savvy and connections. It was up to him to take an extremist vision of Cheney's and make it more palatable for the general public. In his '93 white paper Cheney put down his idea how NOT to pay out the "peace dividend" that Americans felt they had coming after the defeat of the USSR. Another ramification of the Cold War's end was that Israel was no longer as strategically important to America as it had been under the nuclear threat posed by the Soviet Bloc. As well, the American "aerospace industry" (weapons manufacturers) were also extremely worried about cuts in the massive flow of money from the Pentagon that their very existence depended on. It was these interests that came together to form what we now know as PNAC. Nearly half the total membership of PNAC are Zionists. Cheney, who represents the military-industrial complex, is also member. Libby, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Abrams, Armitage, and the many, many others were suddenly placed in positions of influence and power upon the swearing-in ceremony of GWBush. All these high-level appointments...... and the media sees no connection between PNAC and the White House? This could only happen if they were being willfully blind. Or.... intentionally misleading, as has been the case with much of the MSM from the beginning of Bush2. But one only need read the "Rearming America" 2000 paper and see that virtually every seemingly bizarre move taken by Bush/Cheney (leaving bin Laden, attacking Iraq, not securing the munitions, guarding the Ministry of Oil building ONLY.....is no mystery at all for anyne who has taken the time to read their website. The reasons for everything, from torture to the lack of WMDs to US using a preemptive attack against a country that posed no real threat to America,a point that is also made by the neocons on their website yet has somehow gone unnoticed by Alternet and the MSM. The reasoning behind the hostility towards the UN is given...the US's decision to remove itself from any and all Treaties, Protocols and Conventions against torture also is given, the reason why so few soldiers were sent into Iraq and why they didn't bother to place guards at the high-explosive depots they had captured thereby allowing them to be looted of the very munitions now being used against American soldiers....all is there for the learning. Obviously the need to find another bogeyman to replace the Soviet threat and thereby keeping the arms industry afloat, same for Israel now that a war on Arabs has conveniently made it back into strategically important ally, as well as keeping "The Condoleeza" and other tankers delivering oil to us at prices I'm sure even never thought possible during her tenure with Big Oil. But who could have predicted an alliance between far-right Israeli's, corporate giants and multinationals, the consolidation of Big Media under the auspices of none other than the Joint Chief Of Staff's own son, anotrher appointment made at the behest of PNAC I have no doubt. Just like the Boltoon appointment to the UN, or Wolfowitz to the World Bank, all these men were opposed to the existence of the very boards of which they were appointed! Just as those appointments were made by devious men with delusional minds, so too is America still in Iraq by design. PNAC called for a FOB, or Forward Operating Base to be established somewhere in the Middle East. That is one reason why America is in Iraq. All the dying going on over there s simply buying more more time to get the military facility built and operational before peace breaks out and ruins their chances for spreading the war further, as per PNAC documents. They explain how and why America should remain as the worlds only superpower "throughout the next century", and that it will do this by "fighting and winning two-front, major theatre war simultaneously". The idea here is to serve as a demonstration to the rest of the world that the US is capable and willing to do whatever it takes "to maintain sole supremacy". Given the above, I find it stunning how alternative and MSMedia have both missed the importance of PNAC. MSM is either on-board with this group of oligarchs, or are afraid of losing their jobs.... the Plame* affair making a similar demonstration of what lengths they will go to to attack anyone who opposes them domestically. That is why they never sought FISA approval for their domestic spying program. All of this should make it very clear what depths they will sink to in their mad plan to rule the world. I realize how crazy such a statement sounds, but that is using their own words...statements that exist on signed documents over at the Project For The New American Century website. Words on documents that obviously far too few people have taken the time to read, yet are possibly the most important documents you will EVER read. Josh? Please. Just read everything over there (as I have, many several times) then come back and tell me that "they are /just/ one of many think-tanks, with no special importance in the bigger picture". Josh...THEY ARE THE BIGGER PICTURE! Notice that t was Armitage who tried to rescue Libby after his indictment? Armitage is a fellow PNAC member, but this too was completely overlooked by the news media, some even implying that they were virtual strangers. Why? Because if there was no sentimental relationship between them, then his story exonerating Libby would sound much more believable. Otoh, had the media revealed that PNAC had moved out of their madman's world and into the WH wholesale, the impossibly high high numbers of PNAC members that were immediately brought into the White house, had they revealed LIbby's ties to Armitage, then people might start looking too closely at PNAC and wondering how such a insane plan and plotters as that could be brought into their democratic nation's WH. How over a dozen members of one group, a group with signatures on a documents meant to incite fear in the public, and to justify their Napoleonic delusions. There are documents signed by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Libby, Wolfowitz, Kagan, Abrams, Perle, which should make it plain to any rational person that PNAC is US foreign policy, a fact that can be verified by looking at the actions Bush has taken. A WH staffed by former PNAC members had clearly embarked on an insane plan to take advantage of the current situation wherein the US is the world's only superpower. This is a moment they took great pains to convey to Bush that it would pass him (and his "mark in history" no doubt) very quickly if they didn't begin with an attack on Iraq immediately. The Iraq War is clearly portrayed as being part of the initial phase of their "Pax Americana" plan, a plan clearly laid out in the Rearming Americas Defenses (2000) document, itself reiterated in the 2002 US Defense Strategy. The object there is not simply oil, but a forward operating base (FOB) for US imperial might to project itself over the Middle East. This renewed strategic importance for the Israeli right-wing was essential to them since they cannot concieve of peace for themselves until the Arabs are wiped out. Hence the war in the ME which is being labelled a "War On Terror" but is in reality a hoax being perpetrated on US voters... a hoax that is being played out to a greatly frustrated and entirely perplexed rest of the world.

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