Aug. 31, 2004


=============================== THE DAILY MIS-LEAD =============================== BUSH MISLEADS ON GLOBAL WARMING Campaigning for the presidency in 2000, George W. Bush promised to place mandatory caps on carbon dioxide emissions to control global warming. After he assumed office - in what was widely seen as payback for the energy industry that helped finance his campaign - Bush quickly reneged on his pledge. Bush claimed such regulations were inappropriate because there was no clear scientific link between human activity and global warming. But last week, a report signed by Bush's Secretary of Commerce Don Evans and Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham, concluded, "rising temperatures in North America are due in part to human activity." The report found that global warming was already causing draught, damaging farms and changing migration patterns. Nevertheless, the Bush administration is still content to do nothing. John H. Marburger, the president's top science adviser, said the report has "no implications for policy." Bush himself denies that there has been any change in the administration's position. Asked by the New York Times to explain the switch, Bush replied "Ah, did we?...I don't think so."

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