Sep. 1, 2004

History Repeating Itself?

An interesting lttle observation I thought I should share with y'all: Nazis in our midst: 1933, Hilter burns down the Reichstag and blames it on terrorists. Over the next decade, slowly, the German people are solidified into a mass of hatred and outrage. Bush, after "terrorists" attack the WTC, and with little reverence for those who died, stands on a pile of debris and human ash, grabs a megaphone and proceeds to spew hatred and revenge and death. History will look back on that speech as truly chilling. Schwarzenegger's father was a Nazi. The Bush family made part of its enormous fortune supplying Hitler with supplies. Bush's GREAT-grandfather made a small fortune selling bullets to both sides of WWI. Oh no. Never kid yourself. Regardless of the flag-waving and baby kissing, the Bush Family is a group of self-centered manipulators whose first and last concern is for themselves. Of course this includes those who can enable them in their pursuit of power and wealth, first and foremost being the citizens whom they need to lie to in order to get elected to the positions that opens the Horn of Plenty.....the wallets of the poor and middle class.

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