Nov. 21, 2004

6.11 The Iraqi Resistance Spreads

The Iraqi Resistance Spreads The Iraqi Resistance Spreads published November 16, 2004 © 2004 by Dahr Jamail and Salam T. While the US military says it now controls Fallujah and is simply “mopping up” what is left of the Iraqi resistance, over 400 soldiers wounded in the fighting have been flown out of Iraq to US air bases in Germany. As giant C-141 transport planes carrying wounded and maimed American soldiers roar over the Iraqi desert, armed men carrying rocket propelled grenades and kalashnikov machine guns roam freely in the streets of Mosul, the third largest city in Iraq. After the US military withdrew from inside Mosul, looters with mattresses tied to the tops of cars and pushing desks in wheelbarrows emptied the abandoned American base of its contents. The horrendous situation afflicting civilians in Fallujah, which the Iraqi Red Crescent Society refers to as a big disaster, didn’t seem to concern a contractor from India who works supplying US bases in Iraq. “One thing I feel is that in Fallujah, most of the insurgents are there and nobody bothered to clear them off,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity, “So many innocent people were killed and no actions were taken.” He then added, “So one way is good to clear those insurgents.” Continued......... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Salaam T. is in Baghdad. His name is being witheld for his own protection. Mycos

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