Nov. 23, 2004

Funds for Atomic Bomb Research Cut From Spending Bill

What else has the Worm-Tongue been trying to get passed behind our backs? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Funds for Atomic Bomb Research Cut From Spending Bill By Walter Pincus Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, November 23, 2004; Page A06 Congress has eliminated the financing of research supported by President Bush into a new generation of nuclear weapons, including investigations into low-yield atomic bombs and an earth-penetrating warhead that could destroy weapons bunkers deep underground. The Bush administration called in 2002 for exploring new nuclear weapons that could deter a wide range of threats, including possible development of a warhead that could go after hardened, deeply buried targets, or lower-power bombs that could be used to destroy chemical or biological stockpiles without contaminating a wide area. But research on those programs was dropped from the $388 billion government-wide spending bill adopted Saturday, a rare instance in which the Republican-controlled Congress has gone against the president. The move slowly came to light over the weekend as details of the extensive measure became clear. Continued.....

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