Nov. 2, 2004

A family's debt paid with blood - Paul Sheehan -

A family's debt paid with blood - Paul Sheehan - "family's debt paid with blood November 1, 2004 Bush's grudge over Iraq has diverted the US from the real enemy, writes Paul Sheehan. Nine marines died in Fallujah over the weekend. Their names have not yet been released but the names of the US forces who have previously died in Iraq are available. The roll call has its own momentum. October 28: Sergeant Michael Battles Snr, 38, died when a bomb detonated near his checkpoint in Baghdad. October 27: Staff Sergeant Jerome Lemon, 42, died when an improvised explosive detonated near his vehicle in Balad. October 24: Marine Richard Slocum, 19, died in a motor vehicle accident near Abu Ghraib. And so it goes, week after week, month after month, because President George Bush wanted to avenge his father, George Bush snr, whose failure to finish off the mocking, bellicose Saddam Hussein cost him the presidency. That sits at the core of the 'war on terrorism'. To settle this family debt, vast amounts of American power, credibility, blood and money have been squandered. Eleven hundred American military personnel are dead and 8000 have been wounded or injured since Bush the younger let loose the dogs of war in Iraq on March 19 last year. More than 90 per cent of these casualties have occurred since May 1 last year, the day a giant 'Mission Accomplished' sign was placed behind Bush during a photo opportunity aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln, sailing off the coast of California. One of history's more disquieting chapters will be written tomorrow, November 2, election day in the United States, if the man who avoided combat during the Vietnam war, George Bush, defeats the man who served with courage in Vietnam, Senator John Kerry. Kerry served and Bush deferred. Kerry was wounded in combat, Bush" ........ continued'' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why can't people see this? It is so clear, so obvious! Strange........ Mycos

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