Nov. 3, 2004

Florida electronic voting machine problem

My question is, Why aren't these machines immediately seized and sealed,the software and votes therein subsequently checked for evidence of intentional tampering. The continued problems and the demonstrated reluctance by Diebold to repair the problem makes it seem clear to me that these machines do indeed have an "issue" with them that they wish to leave in place. I hear people saying that the huge voter turnout is good for Kerry. Not so if these machines are rigged to produce a Republican edge, machines such as the one below. The greater the turnout, the more machines will be wrongly converting votes to the Bush camp. That requires 2 extra Kerry voters to overcome the deficit produced by one rigged Kerry-to-Bush voting machine. Gary Williams Just saw an amazing story on CNN International (19:08 Europe time). A lady in Florida had gone through and voted democrat on all the screens, and when she got to the review screen it showed all republicans. The poll worker told her to just go ahead and complete the vote, that the review screen is not important. She refused, and called over a lawyer. It was not clear where this lawyer came from. The lawyer, the voter, and the poll worker reviewed allher screens, and they confirmed that she had in fact voted all democrat, and the review screen showed all republican. The voter and the lawyer convinced the poll workers to take that machine out of service, and the voter re-cast her vote on another machine without problem. Very scary. Best regards, Mickey Coggins

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