Feb. 17, 2005

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"Wow. Bush is freakin' batshit loopy.
by demokerryat
Thu Feb 17th, 2005 at 19:20:47 PST

Did you see the press conference today? I just caught the end of it on C-SPAN. I am not a tinfoil hat aficionado, but if Bush is not on some kind of stimulant, my name is Jeff Gannon. He was doing his seemingly drug induced jaw flick thing (moving his jaw rapidly side to side) and he was really amped up. I noticed during the campaign that the frequency of Bush's jaw twitches (a common side effect of stimulants) correlates perfectly with his demeanor. Lots of jaw movement--pumped up. No jaw movement--lethargic. The guy is on drugs. They finally nailed the dosage, however. He wasn't second debate hostile, but he was way more together than the first debate. He was riffing like a fool and trying to be funny. He managed to combine the awkwardness of his father with the vacuousness of Reagan. It was amazing.

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