Feb. 16, 2005

Novak and his "Immunity"

kg said:In other words, screw the sanctity of confidential sources. Let's get Novak!

No. What I'm saying is: Lets shine some light on Novak's "Free Pass".

Something I need to make abundantly clear is that I have not called for the prosecution of Novak. I am however calling for the media to pick up on the issue of the disparate and highly selective prosecution of the law. As it is now being applied is absolutely scandalous.....something the media ...hell, even corporate media....*particularly corporate media*...loves to get hold of and never let go!

But here we have a very strange, very conspicuous silence. Why? This silence isn't the doing of the government. This is on the part of the media. And that is what I made the call for people to get ornery about. I want them to start asking their media contacts why the silence on this very clear, very obvious, selective prosecution. It is a story in and of itself, yet someone has decided not to go with it. Who? What the hell is going on?

But again. I wish to be clear about this. I am not calling for the prosecution, particularly the imprisonment of Novak....or most anyone...ever. The penal system and myself...well...we have "issues".

And about the Blind Sheik, that was a reference to Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. In that capacity, we were discussing the right of a lawyer to claim confidentiality (or to pass on)information gleaned from their client, much the same as a reporter and their source. Perhaps the confusion is my mistake, and for the sake of peace on earth, I'll assume that responsibility.

Gary Williams

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