Mar. 6, 2005

Italian journalist, shot by US troops in Iraq, rejects U.S. version of events

That's IT!!! America has now shown itself to be a TERRORIST NATION. I feel that it is incumbent on all the civilized nations of the world to immediately withdraw their embassies until the US either explains this incident satisfactorily or, barring that, rids itself of its current government and brings to trial the group, known collectively as the "neocons", that is responsible for initiating these deplorable, criminal actions.

Gary Williams

"Italian journalist, shot by troops in Iraq, rejects U.S. version

Last Updated Sun, 06 Mar 2005 18:58:01 EST
CBC News

ROME - The Italian journalist who was wounded by American troops in Baghdad has rejected the U.S. version of how the car she was in came under fire by U.S. troops.


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