Mar. 5, 2005

More War Crimes.....

Gregoire Seither said, and I totally agree with his query:

The English reporting on this incident is very spotty by the way. No mention that the soldiers confiscated the phones after the killing, no mention that there were two cars in the convoy and the first one had been let through, hardly a mention that it wasn't a checkpoint but a patrol that shot them, hardly a mention that the witnesses all say that, contrary to what the Army says, no signs or wavings were made by the soldiers who simply shone a light at the car and started shooting.

Assassination politics by the US Army ? It wouldn't be the first time...

Why do they say it was a checkpoint when it was a patrol ? Why does the State Department lie pretending they didn't know the journalist had been freed and was on its way to the airport when the Italian negotiators had been in permanent contact with the US Embassy in Baghdad ? Why do they pretend they shot into the engine block when the back seat passengers were targeted ?

--- Sheet=/news/2005/03/06/ixhome.html

>>Companion of Freed Italian Journalist Says U.S. Attack Was Deliberate The U.S. attack on the convoy carrying freed Italian journalist, Giuliana Sgrena to the Baghdad airport and on to her home in Italy was "deliberate" according to Sgrena's companion, Pier Scolari. As Scolari was leaving the military hospital in Rome where the journalist is being treated he insisted that both the Americans and the Italians were well aware that she was traveling on that particular route to the airport.

Scolari went on to say that the shootings were deliberate. "They were 700 meters from the airport which means that they had passed all checkpoints," he stated adding, "Giuliana had information, and the US military did not want her to survive."

Scolari added, "(the) last 24 hours have been hell with the murderous attack of the armored Americans who shot 300-400 rounds against her car, without reason".

At the time of Sgrena's kidnapping in February she had been researching and writing articles focusing on the Fallujah refugees who were forced to seek shelter in a mosque in Baghdad.

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