Apr 18, 2005

Bush Lied, Marla Died

Counting On Marla

By Tai Moses, AlterNet. Posted April 18, 2005.

Politicians and government officials learned the hard way how relentless this sweet-faced girl, barely out of her teens, could be.

Marla Counting On Marla

I only knew Marla Ruzicka a few short years, but that was all it took for her to leave an indelible impression on me.

Marla's self-assigned mission in life was to help innocent people who are caught in the crossfire of armed conflict. So, perhaps it was fitting, in the brutally impersonal way of the universe, that Marla herself became an innocent victim of war. On Saturday, April 16, Marla was killed in a car bomb attack as her vehicle traveled along the road to the Baghdad airport. She was 28 years old.


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