Apr. 17, 2005

The Threat Is Bush Himself


15th February 2002

This is a time when we should be thinking very hard about what is going on before we are swept forward into another war and the acceptance of policies that could damage the whole fabric of our society and destroy what it has taken many years to build up.

This week Vice-President Cheney has been in London explaining to the prime minister why, when and how President Bush is planning to attack Iraq and to instruct him as to the role that Britain must play in support, including the provision of up to 25,000 troops for that operation.

We now know that in addition to the so-called 'Axis of Evil' - Iraq, Iran and North Korea, listed by Bush a few weeks ago, the White House has actually decided that China and Russia should now be identified as suitable targets for nuclear attacks.

Indeed it is beginning to become apparent that the greatest threat to world peace may not really be individual terrorists but the United States Administration itself, yet, judging by the statements issued by Downing Street, the Prime Minister is offering his full support once he can persuade the public to back this war, which is why the media is now busy brainwashing us into the acceptance of the bloodshed still to come by publishing and broadcasting all the propaganda supplied by the Pentagon."
Mark the date. George W. Bush is the end of the Constitution. George W. Bush is the end of the Bill Of Rights. George W. Bush is the end of FREEDOM. George W. Bush is the end of America.
April 17,2005. Gary Donald Williams

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